Adding music to MMC (there's already some music on

  LeedsLass 19:27 04 May 2006

Hi there.

I'm not sure if this is allowed on here cos it's not strictly PC related - got a mobile phone slant as well. Pls delete if it's an unallowed topic.

I got my mam a 1gb MMC for her birthday as she was after an MP3 player but this works just as well (or did) on her Nokia 6230i.

I've previously transferred her a load of music onto the MMC and she's now asked me to put a few more albums on it.
The Nokia Audia Manager says there's enough space - used: 481808kb available: 520416kb - but when I click transfer to phone it (supposedly) saves the playlist (although I can't see it in the Nokia Audio Manager but I can see it on the phone) and then for each track within the playlist it starts the transfer but then almost immediately says cancelled and nothing is saved to the phone. And it does this with every single track repeatedly. Aaargh!

Is there a limit on how much the phone can handle on the MMC card??? It's the only thing I can think of!?!?!? I really hope not as other wise half of this lovely 1gb MMC card is gonna be a complete waste if that's the case :o(

Thanx in advance

  remind 19:31 04 May 2006

switch the phone off, switch on again and don't use it for anything until you've transferred the data. same fix if you have problems saving contact info when backing the phone up

  LeedsLass 20:04 04 May 2006

I'm not trying to say you're advice is incorrect or inaccurate and I'm gonna try it on Saturday when I get my mam's phone back agian, but is this a problem that just happens occasionally then?? I ask just cos I've put music on it before and not had this problem and not had to switch on and off. Just interested :o)

  remind 20:21 04 May 2006

i can't speak for anyone else, but it happens on my 6630 with a 512mb card - a friend who works for tmobile told me `power off, try again` and it's worked every time so far.

  LeedsLass 23:07 04 May 2006

Ok thanx I shall try that then when I get my mam's phone back.


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