Adding memory to my laptop.

  Alexander P 13:39 28 Sep 2003

I've worked out that I can add another 256 mb of RAM to my Sony Vaio laptop. That would double its memory to 512 mb of RAM for about £60. But how can I tell if this is really necessary though? Should the info I get by clicking the performance tab in Windows Task Manager tell me anything? Or does the XP operating system contain some other management utility that would tell me if more RAM would be useful? Though not chronically slow, my laptop has become a bit slower, especially when I start up, since I added things like Net Nanny and the Zone Alarm firewall.

  MAJ 13:44 28 Sep 2003

The more things that you add which want to start at bootup, the longer it will take your computer to boot. If you're using XP (Home or Pro) the extra memory will certainly improve overall performance, especially as you're going from 256MB to 512MB.

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