adding memory is it easy and how much should I get

  haven't a clue 11:43 21 Feb 2005

I understand click here should give me clues on what to get for my Tiny PC. Question is, once I've bought some is it just a question of shoving it in.
Also how much should I get. My PC is quite old '99 runs Win98 and currently has 98Mb Ram. Will I benefit from more memory, I currently use it for internet and editing/recording music.

  Storik 11:53 21 Feb 2005

that you will most definitely benefit from extra memory, providing you DO get the correct modules.

If you get say, 256MB or larger, it will probably be safer to remove what you have in slot 1 and put your biggest memory stick in this slot. Then put your smaller one in the second slot.

You will have problems if the two memory sticks are not compatible.

To remove, or install memory modules, you will have to use the little tabs at each end of the slot. Pressing these down will eject the memory stick already in there. When putting new memory in, press it down firmly until the little tabs click into the slots on the module. (You might have to manually click these in place, but make sure they are aligned with the slots on the memory module.)


  Technotiger 11:54 21 Feb 2005

Hi, yes, a good idea to upgrade with more memory, you already have the info about what and how - it is just a simple case of plugging in to your mobo. Do not touch metal contacts on mem sticks. Make sure you earth yourself before delving into pc case, ie, just touch a metal part of inner casing. How much mem depends what you can afford, more is generally better - for your system at least 256mb.

  Storik 11:58 21 Feb 2005

Technotiger's safety precautions are a good tip.

Also, check with your motherboard manual for the maximum amount of memory you can install.


  jakimo 20:49 21 Feb 2005

If you buy from crucial,they will enclose a leaflet on how to install

  pharte 23:52 21 Feb 2005

I always think of memory like having cash in your pocket...................the more in there the more you can do ..........
get it slammed in there

  palinka 21:41 22 Feb 2005

go to click here Type in the details of your pc and they will tell you what RAM is suitable for your pc and how much it will cost. I've bought RAM from them and found them very efficient & helpful.
Installing is very easy in a laptop, a little more fiddly in a desktop but not difficult at all. Yes, it's chiefly a matter of just shoving it in, having taken the precautions that Technotiger mentions.
Take the plunge - once you've done it you'll wonder why you hesitated.

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