Adding Memory above 1GB

  dregn 09:11 28 Nov 2004

I have 1GB of Corsair DDR 3200 memory installed in my PC .

The Motherboard is an AOpen AX4SPE Max II . It will accept up to 4 GB I think.

Can I install further Corsair memory ( say, DDR 4000 ) and if so what would the effect be ?

I did read that the cardinal rule when adding memory is ' More of the same'. So maybe I would be wasting time and money.

Any comments appreciated.

  Dorsai 09:24 28 Nov 2004

the cardinal rule when adding memory is ' More of the same'.

  €dstowe 09:29 28 Nov 2004

According to an article on the Crucial site that I read, there is a limit on how much memory is useful.

Apparently there is, or can be, a point where adding more memory can slow down a machine rather than speed it up.

  powerless 09:32 28 Nov 2004

Do you need more than a gig?

  dregn 09:57 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for the comments.

As I suspected, I would run into the law on Diminishing Returns.

I was just mulling over ways to speed up performance. It's pretty speedy already but my birthday is approaching and I thought the PC could do with a pressie, also !

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