Adding memory

  FRANNY 23:27 15 Oct 2007

I only have 512mb of memory,and shared graphics wich use some of this memory,if up my memory to 1gig or even 2gig will this help my graphics card.

  Devil Fish 23:45 15 Oct 2007

your graphics card will only take what is specified
however an upgrade in ram would help your system performance as you would have more to utilize on other things

if you could give some system specs we can help you further as to a reaonable ram requirement IE processor speed (single core dual core ) and operating system

  Acx 23:48 15 Oct 2007


Not just because it will help your card (that depends on the card and what you are doing with it - Games etc).

512mb of memory is low by today’s standard so upgrading to 1 GB will help your system over all.

  PalaeoBill 23:52 15 Oct 2007

More memory is likely to speed up your PC but not necessarily the graphics card.

Normally a graphics card using shared memory will take what it wants from the system memory leaving the system as the loser. If the system needs more memory than is available it will swap to disk which will slow down the PC.

However, it is possible to limit the amount of system memory available to a graphics card (usually via a BIOS option). You may want to check if this has been done before you do anything else.

  xania 08:58 16 Oct 2007

In many cases it is also important that the memory you buy matches what you already have. Check the label on your existing memory and quote all the figures when you buy.

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