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  jul 17:59 29 Dec 2005

First of all im not going to say anything bad about the suppliers because i have used them before and It may not be there Fault, but for christmas my wife brought me a 1gb memory Stick so i could upgrade our computer, well it arrived next day and was wrapped by her indoors, opened by myself Christmas day Ok heres the Problem on installing it Boxing Day the Computer locked up every time it was on after five mins, We contacted them today after me removing it and putting it somewhere safe, for us to get a reply that we may need to alter the Memory settings, Ok so re-install alter the Settings and Well it locked up after 5 mins now I have installed Memory before supplied by the same Good company and never had anyproblems, they suggested I use memtest which I did try But it locked up within 5 mins so it Locks up everytime after 5 mins and Id like to find out how to get round it or should I send it back and go for a Lower spec ie pc 2700 or the like, as the old memory was pc2100 and they supplied it to us saying it was compatable. I would like any imput you have as to what you think I should do. the company and I ahve and will use them again is Crucial as they are very good normally and could adding lower spec 1gb cure it. I should add that I also added another Hd which is working fine just that It can only work as long as the memory lets it before locking up.

  Confab 18:02 29 Dec 2005

What operating system does your pc run and how much total RAM will you have after installing the new 1GB stick?

  spuds 19:20 29 Dec 2005

Is the motherboard capable of accepting the new memory.Did Crucial confirm that the new memory would be suitable.

If you are not sure of the motherboard, then do a check via Belarc click here or Everest (ex Aida)click here

  spuds 19:31 29 Dec 2005

Appears that Everest latest versions are no longer available as a Lavalys free download. You could perhaps try an older version from Major Geeks click here

  jul 22:18 29 Dec 2005

Was upgrading to 1gb for now as the system config says it will take up to 3gb the OS is Windows XP i used crucials scan system to give me a run down of what Memory was supposed to be compatable, I used the same scan last time when I first added some memory to the comp as it only had 256 it only has 512 at the moment but want to get it up to around 2gb or 3, and thought that as the scan was correct last time and the memory installed was from crucial aswell.
I just wondered if it was a Faulty Stick or just not compatable, as with the 512 back in it runs as good as it did before just Hangs and has to be restarted evey 5 mins with the Gb in it
Thanks for the reply guys just still need advice

  Totally-braindead 22:22 29 Dec 2005

Could you perhaps post the make and model of your motherboard?

  Skyver 22:23 29 Dec 2005

Make a boot floppy with this without the extra memory installed click here, install the new memory and insert the floppy.

  jul 22:34 29 Dec 2005

The mother board is an Asus a7a266-e which is capable of having 3gb according to the paper work.

  Totally-braindead 22:41 29 Dec 2005

There is mention on the Asus website that the board can support SDR or DDR memory but not both at the same time due to the different voltages the 2 types of memory use. This wouldn't be your problem would it, are both your memory modules the same type ie both DDR or both SDR?

  Totally-braindead 22:45 29 Dec 2005

Just downloaded the manual from the Asus website and according to it your board can take a maximum of 2 gig DDR or 3 gig SDR

  jul 16:17 30 Dec 2005

The 1gb is 1 stick the Memory I have at the Moment is 2 256 sticks both ddr so thats not the problem as they are removed and the 1gb is installed.
Looks like I may have Return it and try pc2100 or similar:(

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