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  Schopenhauer 23:35 09 Oct 2003

Sometimes people add links with the address hidden, as in, "go here". How does one do that?

  powerless 23:39 09 Oct 2003

http: //www. pcadvisor. c o . u k/index.cfm?go=discuss. thread&threadid=111082&forumid=1 (I've added spaces)

Just paste the link or type it and it will become a "Click here" Like >

click here

  Forum Editor 23:43 09 Oct 2003

if you just type www followed by the dot.

The best way to post a link is to paste it directly from your browser - that way you'll be sure the url is correct, it's surprising how easy it is to make a tiny error when typing a link. Our site will convert it to a 'click here' anyway, and then you'll get posts telling you the link's dead.

  Djohn 23:45 09 Oct 2003

www. google. com but without the spaces and when it appears on the page it will look like this. this click here j.

  terminus 23:45 09 Oct 2003

Here are tips for putting in links...this works for pages, posts and hotmail.

The MSN Tool bar for pages and posts & hotmail has a great tool for links...It's the button that looks like a globe with glasses>>>

When you click on that, a small window pops up with a blank box to paste (Cntrl V) any URL into. Just copy (Cntl C) any addy from another site and paste it in (Cntrl V).
If you are creating a link to a page within the comm there is a pull down menu above that blank box that shows you every page in your comm. Just pull down the list and select the page you wish to link to. This is great for creating pages that navigate within the comm. Remeber it's always easiert to this if you have two window open. One that you are working in and one to go get pics and links and such with .

Working this way just puts a simple link where the URL is typed out underlined and highlighted to show it is an active link.

A tidy and more fun way to link is to hide or embed a link in a picture or words.
You can type "Click here " or "Mail me here" , then before you go to the link tool, highlight those words and when you put the url into the link window and click create link the link will be embedded into the text you highlighted. Like this.... *Note: When you past in an addy, use the pull down feature in the link tool to select "mail to" instead of "http//" for your link.

You can imbed a link in any picture as well. Just add the picture to your post, page or mail, click on it once and it will be "selected"... You will then see it surounded by small boxes on the corners of the image and the sides. Then go to you link tool and paste in the URL and click create link. Your picture is now a link.


  VoG II 23:49 09 Oct 2003

Pictures - I don't think that works here or am I missing something?

  powerless 23:52 09 Oct 2003

[IMG]linky here[/IMG]

But not here, no pictures.

  terminus 23:54 09 Oct 2003

I thought the question was about how to add links?? :-))

  Schopenhauer 09:45 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for all those replies. I never thought I'd get such a response in such a short time.

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