Adding a laptop to existing wireless network

  millsie 14:27 14 Dec 2006

Hi - with great help from this forum (partic ade.h) a while ago I managed to set a wireless network consisting of a laptop and a PC using a 3com router.

We have now have a new 2nd laptop for my daughter equipped with a wireless card. I want to add it to the network.

I have tried connecting using windows utiltiy but it cannot says it cannot configure this wireless connection. Have had a go with Dell wireless WLAN card utility. This shows that it is set to manage wireless networks and radio is enabled. I have added my network SSID, ticked a box to indicate this is an ad hoc network (I think this is the right choice?), the correct channel number shows

however there are boxes asking for the NETWORK key - this is where I am unsure because by encryption key is 20 characters but I am asked for 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters but my ENCRYPTION key is 15 letters

At the moment I have left the boxes blank

The utility lists my network under network name and displays a router icon but with a red cross over it.
When I hit apply the router icon changes to a 3 * vdu icon. but no connection is made with the network.

Can any one point me in the right direction. I think I may have set up mac filtering when configuring security when first setting up the network. Do I have to reconfigure the router to allow the new laptop - If yes will the router identify the laptop IP address automatically and allow me to add the new laptop?. Or is there something else I should be doing?

I havent had a go at this because the 3com site does not seeem to want to accept my password and If I am to log in I may have to reset the router and start again. A painfull process last time and not one I want to attempt unless I have to!!!

I hope this makes sense and any advice in non techy language would be much apprieciated.

  dms05 15:31 14 Dec 2006

I think it very likely your choice of 'ad-hoc' is wrong. If you are connecting your 2nd laptop to the Router you should select 'infra-structure'. You should only use the Windows WiFi manager and uninstall the Dell WiFi Manager. Should then work!

  dms05 21:22 14 Dec 2006

I use a 10 hexadecimal key. Numbers are 0-9 and letters <a> through <f>. For example 7f 23 4a 98 ab. In the XP WiFi Manager you'd enter 7f234a89ab.

  Ashrich 23:02 14 Dec 2006

dms05 is right , you should be using " Infrastructure " mode , just use the same key as for your other laptop . Make sure you are not trying to connect using a WEP key for WPA or vice versa .

  Ashrich 23:03 14 Dec 2006

AD Hoc mode will only be able to use WEP , no good if the router is using WPA !!


  millsie 20:56 17 Dec 2006

Thanks for your help - will have a look at your sugestions tomorrow and let you know how I get on

  millsie 18:18 18 Dec 2006


Even setting to infrasture mode didn't seem to help when using the Dell wireless card utility as it wouldn't let me input the encryption code for my network in the correct format.

As suggested by one or two I switched to using windows wi-fi manager and was able to set everything correctly.

As my router security is using MAC filtering I also had to change my router settings by entering the mac address for my new laptop.

Laptop now connects to the network and all seems to be working fine.

thanks to all for advice

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