Adding Hawking Hi gain antenna

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I've seen good reviews of the HAI7SIP 7dBi antenna but was wondering about the HAI15C 15dBi corner antenna as it seems more powerful, does anyone have experience of it ? Or are there any strong recommendations for any other makes? I've seen the Hawking reviewed well alot recently.

Also when fitting either of these to a wireless router with its 2 small standard antennae at the back , is there a correct one to replace, or remove both or does it matter?


  [DELETED] 09:32 17 Feb 2006

Antenna's are a black art! First of all decide wether you need an omni or directional antenna (omni radiates equally in all directions). Then decide what level of boost you need. You have also to remember the signal degrades very quickly as the antenna lead increases in length (typically you loose 2db/metre so a 3m run reduces a 6db gain to zero gain). In many ways a short extension antenna has the advantage of allowing you some say in the positioning of the antenna.
Take a look at some specialist wifi antenna click here and download their antenna guide.

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Thanks for that. Didn't realise that about the antenna leads, but can you buy high grade leads that don't lose so much (like high grade speaker leads)?

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Bookmarked for my own info, plus a quick link to their product catalogue click here

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