Adding a graphics card

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Hi all,
At the moment i'm running a Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 256MB PCI-E graphics card, I was thinking of adding an additional card using the two in SLI mode. Two questions;
1. Do the cards have to be from the same manufacturer (ie. the one i have is from Gigabyte, do i need another gigabyte or can it just be another Nvidia of the same spec?)
2. How much of an improvement will there be running two cards, will it be worth the hundred odd quid?
(The computer is used for gaming quite a bit)

Thanks in advance for any help.

  [DELETED] 08:47 23 Apr 2006

hi I don't know if this is any help;click here

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Spot on, cheers.

  [DELETED] 10:17 23 Apr 2006

If you have a look here click here you can compare a 6600GT to a 6600GT SLI and see yourself what improvement they got with various games.

I too am a gamer and have SLI but haven't used it yet, I would think that because of different clock speeds and amount of RAM it would make sense to use 2 identical cards. I know the Nvidia site says you can use use cards by different manufacturers but am sure when they say it will work they are talking about 2 different cards with the same clock speed, RAM etc. Certainly when I do it I will be using 2 identical cards just to be sure.

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