Adding Firewire

  januski 12:04 07 Oct 2011

I want to add Firewire support to my PC and I know that I can do this by adding an expansion card but I have an added requirement.

When I did my rebuild my case has a firewire socket on the front panel terminating with a 10-1 pin IE1394_2 plug which used to plug directly into my old motherboard.

I would like to make use of this socket instead of a rear socket. I notice that some pci express cards have additional internal sockets which are standard 1394 sockets so how do I go about this.

I suppose one way might be to strip back the cable from a firewire lead and just join this to my internal wiring but does anyone have a better solution.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 07 Oct 2011

Something like this?

  januski 16:58 07 Oct 2011

Not quite this.

A card on the likes of this (though not necessarily this one as I might be able to find one cheaper)which has that extra socket on the board itself:-

As I said, so far my idea would be to cut a section of firewire lead and wire it into my existing socket on the front of my computer and plugging it into the internal socket in the pci express card.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 07 Oct 2011

Most PCI firewire cards have an internal firewire port.

I was looking for a card with the header on as it would be easier than trying to make a connection

  januski 08:20 08 Oct 2011

Unfortunately I don't have a spare bay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:59 08 Oct 2011

I thought you could leave out the "bay" that came with it and connect the cable from your front ports to the card.

  januski 13:54 08 Oct 2011

That's probably what I will do

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