adding extra RAM

  knobler 21:54 31 Oct 2003

I've currently got 128mb RAM installed and want to add more. I've got a spare slot and want to know if I can add 256mb to make 384mb or does it have to be 128mb to make 256mb's

Thanks in advance.

  Djohn 22:00 31 Oct 2003

256 will be fine. :o)

  Djohn 22:01 31 Oct 2003

Put the 256 in the first slot and the 128 in the second. j.

  knobler 22:02 31 Oct 2003

100% certain it will be okay on 384? :>)

  Djohn 22:03 31 Oct 2003

101% :o)

  knobler 22:04 31 Oct 2003

Thanks - will give it a go, gulp!!!!!!!!

  MAJ 22:06 31 Oct 2003

As long as your motherboard accepts 256MB modules, some older motherboards don't. What motherboard are you using, knobler?

  Djohn 22:06 31 Oct 2003

That's what I had for a couple of years before upgrading to 1Mb. j.

  DieSse 22:09 31 Oct 2003

Depends a lot on the chipset on your motherboard - older boards may only accept "double-sided" RAM - and show a modern 256Mb module as 128Mb.

  Djohn 22:15 31 Oct 2003

click here I was working from this info. and another post from knobler. Don't think his board is that old, but got me worried now. :o(

  DieSse 22:19 31 Oct 2003

The board could be either way from what seems might be the age of it.

knobler - can you tell us what chipset is in your motherboard please?

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