Adding an extra hard disk.

  bynxite 08:52 23 Oct 2003

I would like to add a second hard disk of 80GB.
My current disk is 60GB.
I use Windows XP Pro / Athlon 2500 / NForce2 M/Board.
Any ideas please on the best way to add the new disk.
Thanks in anticipation.

  leo49 08:58 23 Oct 2003

Do you mean physically add the disk?- Take one screwdriver.......

Or do you mean how to use the disk once it's installed?

you should have absolutely no problems, as Leo49 says take a screwdriver and remove both sides of your case.Set the Jumpers on BOTH drives to CABLE SELECT, slide the new drive into a spare bay and secure it with the screws provided (take care here, if you buy an OEM drive that will save you some money but you will not get the screws and if you use screws that are too long you can damage the drive.) then simply attach the molex power connector, and carefully attach the middle connector of the IDE ribbon cable (your existing drive is on the end of this cable) making sure that the connector is the right way up ,modern cables and sockets are keyed so this should not be a problem but the coloured side of the ribbon aligns to pin one.

HAVE A FINAL CHECK that all the cables are securely seated and that you havent knocked anything else loose, (now is a good time to use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust and muck from inside the case) then simply put the sides of the case back on and boot up XP will recognise the drive and if you right-click on it in MY Computer you will have the option to format it right there. when that is done you will be ready to go.

always when working inside the case you must take precausions against electro-static discharge, wear a wristband and avoid touching any chips,

creating more than one partition on the drive is a matter of personal preference and intended usage, but you may find it useful to divide the new drive into two from the beginning.

  ollie < one> 21:46 24 Oct 2003


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