Adding content management application to site

  lee-lee 12:28 05 Aug 2008

Hi there. Does anyone know what software I sould get to be able to add content managment applications to a site that I have designed using Serif WebPlus 10. I have very limited html knowledge and but I have designed a site for my friend who has a photography business. I want her to be able to upload her own photographs directly to the site. It needs to be a simple process for her, as she has no web design knowledge. Any advice from members would be greatly appreciated!

  gerri-atrick 13:27 05 Aug 2008

You could use something like drupal, but i think it may be a bit complicated, probably the best way is to have her upload her photo`s to one of the free photo hosts and then adding a link on the site to them, maybe using piclens viewer to make it look better, but really if someone is wanting a website for a business then best get a pro to do it, it may cost more but it will look more profesional, a well laid out photo site will impress more and encourage more to use the service.

Or learn Drupal......if done right it is perfect for photos.

  mco 14:32 05 Aug 2008

a difficult one, because if it is a business site it really ought to look professionally done. If you do want to go with gerri-atrick's suggestion, you could install an opensource gallery like Singapore gallery click here

It's customisable; it's free with no ads and easy to operate. You can have as many albums as you want. You'd then make a link to the whole gallery from the site and she can upload her images without the need for a CMS into the site.

  Kemistri 15:12 05 Aug 2008

Naturally, I would suggest hiring a professional, too.
But if that isn't an option, you may find that a good CMS is already set up for you. The Pro account with Zenfolio should provide all that you need, with your domain name and other points of interest that are too involved to mention here. The most well-known rivals in that market cannot match Zenfolio's presentation, but Clikpic is an alternative that is worth investigating.
A CMS in your own site is the most involved option and, it has to be said, I have yet to see a good site that was created with Serif.

  lee-lee 19:05 05 Aug 2008

Thanks for your replies. I have found that Serif is REALLY limited as to what you can do. However, it has sparked my interest in web design, and I am going to take a course in dreamweaver. SoI will probably be asking for your advice again in the future!

  gerri-atrick 13:30 06 Aug 2008

If you are going to take a course in dreamweaver stay well clear of the home learning site and anything that tells you get a qualification from the ACITP.......its all a con, can cost you over £1300 and all you get is a educational copy of macromedia studio, i think learn direct are involved as well but im not sure, the work they send you is very basic and you can do the course in a week if you have a wee bit of an idea, put in "mcitp web design" in google snd see some of the crap that comes out, qualified web designers my *rse ;)
any way good luck with dreamweaver....its my favourite program :))

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