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adding a contact form to my site

  jacobjohn7 14:22 03 Aug 2008

could someone kindly direct me with a problem i have encountered. I am using dreamweaver, i know where all the form items are and how to place them, question is how do you produce a form that is pulls all the answers together and sends them as an email request. Any help greatly appreciated.
PS: i know nothing AT ALL about code, but cobble them together through designer interface, being a graphic designer.
Many thanks

  jacobjohn7 19:08 03 Aug 2008

sorry for covering old ground.. but its a first for me... i have the form done now, only thing is cant find any area to type in the link so that the info goes off somewhere... any answers in plain english appreciated.

  jacobjohn7 20:40 10 Aug 2008

hi gerri, and thanks for link, well i have downloaded, but what now... i have the code, but do i have to amend the code (which will be v much beyond me) or do i paste in the code. I have actually created the look and content of the form in dreamweaver, so i presume i have fit this in somewhere ... put the code somewhere, question is where. Many thanks for all help so far.

  jacobjohn7 22:03 10 Aug 2008

hi thanks for that gerri... i have had a look through that already, but I am not grasping it... i cant get my head behind the rationale... procedures of this. I have a form created in dreamweaver... do i paste the code within my contacts page html file... or do I upload the code to the server seperately, and it finds it place?? I must stress i know nothing about coding and when i look at it, i dont know where or what to amend... surely if you can create a form on dreamweaver then surely you can configure it to send info to an email address, rather like the mailto command for a normal email link... cheers.
here is the page in question... click here

  jacobjohn7 22:47 11 Aug 2008

Hi kemistri, is there anywhere I can go for ABSOLUTE beginners with regard to forms... is there an easy way..? It will seem easy to yourself, but I do not understand code at all, (as I have said) so point number 1 is already a confusing area for me... all I know about is how to create an HTML file via dreamweavers design side (NOT code) sorry to explain this again, but you guys who are conversant with code must understand that someone coming on here without knowledge of code, and with a problem can't understand references to anything suggesting writing any code... however simple.. with PHP, for example do you insert PHP within HTML files, or do they sit seperately.. to add further confusion someone else has advised that I look for a CGI form template... the site is on 123reg server (not my choice) anyway, all help and time to given to give help is appreciated. John

  jacobjohn7 22:49 11 Aug 2008

ie: what is the 'mark up' ? I put my html files up to the server and it adds the relevent graphic files needed automatically..... so where does the from details go?

  jacobjohn7 09:07 12 Aug 2008

thanks kemistri, i know what you are saying re:learning fundamentals of coding.. (prob a dummies guide would be a good starting point) but I am not going to learn it in time for my current problem.... only thing is I had info from 123reg that they accept CGI and not PHP... so is it a case of advising a switch to a better server...
I have looked a form mail.. and downloaded an 'amendable' version (if i only knew which parts to amend!) so in theory I just upload that seperately to server, and i will work out what its connected to/meant to be doing for the website.. I just cant get my mind round why in simple terms there isnt a box on dreamweaver to supply email link in with regard to the submit button.... anyway, my search continues. But at least I know what not to touch now... thanks again. Anyone out there, who was in the same boat as myself and found a good non coder friendly solution to this problem... help greatly appreciated.

  jacobjohn7 23:03 12 Aug 2008

many thanks maj. now thats more or less straight forward. Now I have someone giving advice based on the market, and not on what they know. I will tell you how I get on, but many thanks for giving time to give advice.

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