Adding a broadband wanadoo connection to a network

  TomG 19:40 20 Jul 2004

I have 4 pcs on a wireless network, One pc connects to the internet via a dial up modem.

I want to change dial up to wanadoo broadband. Now as I understand it I have two options -
1) Attach the wanadoo modam to a pc via a usb port

2) Have a basestation (if thats the right term?) by the phone socket and plug the modem into that.

The disadvantage with 1 is that the pc has to be on all the time so the others can connect to the internet. So 2 sounds good - but how does this work - I'm using belkin products at the moment so will want to use a belkin base station.

Will the wanadoo modem (which I understand connects via usb) plug ito the basestation and how do you set it all (drivers) up?

  LastChip 20:43 20 Jul 2004

Wireless manufacturers do vary slightly in their individual implementation of wireless standards, so if you want a hassle free experience, I would stay with Belkin.

Just buy a Wireless Router that supports your wireless protocol (whichever that is) and a USB connection for the modem.

You will then plug the modem into your new router and each computer will access each other and the Internet via the router. Make sure it also supports the latest security protocols, as security via wireless is an issue.

For more about security, click here

  TomG 21:13 22 Jul 2004

I've looked at the belkin range and it seems that the router and modem must be connected to one of the pcs - does that mean the pc has to be on all the time and therefore my item 2 cannot work?

  johnsims 21:51 22 Jul 2004

If you are entirely wireless, it is only necessary for a pc to be connected to the router initially to set it up, ditto the modem which is the other side of the router. Once you have set it all up to run wirelessly you can disconnect the cat5 ethernet cable. Personally, if it is possible I would prefer a wired network, but often cabling is not practicable. If you buy a combined wireless access point/router/adsl modem from Belkin that would be the best way forward.

  johnsims 21:53 22 Jul 2004

Further to last post: no it is not necessary for any PC to be on all the time. It is not like usong Windows internet connection sharing. The only thing that must be on is the modem/router/WAP and the machine you want to use at the time.

  TomG 18:24 23 Jul 2004

Okay - thanks all I understand what I've gotto do thanks

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