Adding Bluetooth Device in W 8.1

  Mark_Hayward 12:14 12 Aug 2014

Apologies if this has already been dealt with, but I have searched Forums and read back 20 pages or so and cannot find any specific answers.

It would appear that W 8.1 has issues when it comes to adding Bluetooth Devices. (many questions with no real answers in Google??)

Laptop is ACER V5-122P running preloaded W8 and upgraded to W8.1 in the normal fashion.

Problem is it can now no longer 'see' any new Bluetooth Devices to connect to.

Drivers are the latest from ACER and everything is updated, including Windows. I have been through the usual fixes - Turning Bluetooth on/ off; Adjusting the settings; Making Devices visible; Restarting Services etc; Re-Installing Drivers and all other simple fixes, but to no avail.

Anyone know how to fix the problem, and more to the point, does anyone know why it has been allowed to occur in W8.1 by so many manufacturers??

I am so glad I went back to W7, but this is my girlfriends laptop and she is familiar with W8.1 and the touchscreen.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

  Mark_Hayward 13:22 12 Aug 2014

Hi Lazarus 2nd - As I stated, I have the latest drivers, I went to ACER site and downloaded that Atheros Driver before posting my question as it did not solve the issue.

Why should we be having all these problems with W8.1 anyway ??

  Mark_Hayward 05:37 15 Aug 2014

Latest !!

It seems that this is yet another W8.1 long term issue and there simply is no fix available (yet). The latest ACER Original w8.1 Driver does not cure it, nor does anything else I tried.

I now have a permanent solution and it seems everyone is much happier, including me.

I and many others are simply sick of all the W8 and 8.1 problems, workarounds and fixes that we seem to have to do to get the OS we paid for to work half way correctly - so it is time to vote with feet so to speak.

Solution: - Delete all drive partitions including the W8 recovery sections, create new drive partition and clean install Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

One issue is that ACER Website does not support W7 Drivers for this particular model which does not have a LAN socket, but by installing the W8.1 Wireless Drivers I am then able to get Wifi working and access the necessary websites to download appropriate drivers for everything else.

Bingo - All Bluetooth devices connect, pair and work perfectly !

We now have no more W8.1 issues and happiness prevails !!

MICROSHAFT W8 is a disgrace !

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