Adding an approved computer in network router

  Sapins 11:54 24 May 2006

Could someone confirm that if I want to add an approved computer to the firewall settings of a Netgear router I do it in the Inbound Services by choosing Add then type in the IP address of the computer e.g.

I believe the problem I am having with printing from a wirelessly connected laptop is due to the fact that the router firewall is blocking access from the laptop.

  scotty 13:07 24 May 2006

Can the laptop access anything through the router (e.g. other computer or the internet)?

One security feature of wireless routers is the ability to allow access only to specified devices. If enabled, you need to add the MAC address of the wireless network card to the list of allowed devices.

  Sapins 13:52 24 May 2006

I can access the internet and shared folders from both computers, where do I get the mac address of the wireless network card? and how do I add it to the list of allowed devices?

  Sapins 14:47 24 May 2006

I added the details of the other computer in the Inbound Services, then I deleted all references to Epson on the laptop, I then went to Add a Printer and lo and behold it installed the printer and I can print on the laptop!

I haven't a clue what has gone on but I will accept it and get on with things.

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