Adding another page to already existing website?

  pj123 15:59 15 Aug 2003

I have just taken over the maintenance of an already existing website. It has 14 pages and was built using Dreamweaver MX. I have access to DW MX via the company. They now want me to add another page but I am struggling as it appears I have to add a link button (twice, once at the top and once at the bottom of the page) to every page. This extra page will only be there for a month and then it will need to be removed, because it refers to a yearly event. This, I think would mean deleting the page and then deleting all the links on every other page, a very time consuming project. Is there a way of, maybe, building the page and then automatically having all the links inserted?

  pj123 10:45 16 Aug 2003

In answer to an email. A link to the site is click here

  AndySD 11:17 16 Aug 2003

The simplicity of the site means I personally would open any page in Dreamweaver and delete the contents in the main (yellow) Section of the table but not the links at the bottom. Then Save this as a Template then make just the yellow section as editable.

Remake the Site using the template.

Any changes you need to make there after to all just need to change the template.

  AndySD 11:21 16 Aug 2003

Mind you if this is a one off inserting the button and link on 14 pages is only a half hour job.

  pj123 11:45 16 Aug 2003

Thank you Andy. I will give your suggestion a try. Mind you I have never used Dreamweaver until now. I have always used MS Publisher, but found it is very slow to load because (as the FE pointed out) Publisher seems to change everything to GIFs, even the text. I will spend more time with DW as a learning curve. Also it may only be half an hour for you but it took me about an hour and 27 minutes just to add the page and get the links in. Haven't uploaded it yet as I want to be sure. Thanks again.

  AndySD 12:23 16 Aug 2003

You can get a 30 day trial of Dreamweaver click here and the tutorials in the program are quite good.

  pj123 12:34 16 Aug 2003

Thanks again Andy. I have just been given a sealed box that says Dreamweaver 4. It has CD and manuals and licence. Is there much difference between DW 4 and DW MX?

  AndySD 13:07 16 Aug 2003

For what you are doing no.

You may find that the buttons used are stock flash buttons already in dreamweaver. I am not on my pc to check. Also with the link at the bottom ....just highlight the test you want to link then in the properties panel click on the yellow folder and browse to the page you want to link.

  AndySD 13:16 16 Aug 2003

See if you can get this book from the library

Dreamweaver 4 for Windows and Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)

Its the one I started with (Although Dreameaver 3) and can highly recomend it to get you past the initial stages.... a usefull reference later too.

  pj123 14:05 16 Aug 2003

Just opened the box. The manual is about 2 inches thick Dreamweaver 4. Looks pretty comprehensive to me. Will give it a go. See you in about 4 weeks.

  AndySD 14:27 16 Aug 2003

Lol..... why not just create a small graphic image the same width as the buttons but 3 times the height (say white background blue text) and insert it under the buttons as the link?

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