IZZY 18:07 07 Aug 2003

I have just finished reading the replies to popgeorge's thread on adding a new Hard Disc Drive and I note that he runs WinME and states that he has "a set of re-install windows disc's supplied with the computer.. ".

It is my understanding that these re-install discs are used to access a Hidden Part of the original Hard Disc if the need arises to re-install WinME in the event of a system crash.

I appear to have exactly the same set-up as our friend but with Recovery Discs, as Mesh terms them, and I, too, have been contemplating adding another, larger HDD.

Having read as much as possible about installing an additional HDD and master/slave config. I don't think I would have too much difficulty with that.

However, what concerns me and is holding me back somewhat is this:

If I make the 'new' drive the Master and install and reformat the 'old' one as Slave - as I'd want to - how can I be sure I can copy the Hidden Partition which the Recovery Discs need to access if I had to re-install WinME at some later date?

This is the penalty imposed upon us by Bill Gates/MS refusing to provide a full copy of the OS on disc.

I look foward to your helpful and knowledgeable advice.


  scooby43 18:28 07 Aug 2003

when you say you have a set of Recovery disks do you not have a win ME cd?

  Megatyte 18:34 07 Aug 2003

See my reply at..

click here


  krypt1c 18:43 07 Aug 2003

Far be it from me to defend Bill Gates but it's the vendor who won't provide the o/s disc. I've seen various articles about this in various computer mags and some vendors supply a disc and some don't. Some will provide one for a charge, and some will provide one if you ask nicely.

  HECTOR ALLAN 19:21 07 Aug 2003

having recently fitted a new drive which was a western digital....the reason being that the software provided by western digital downloaded from their website....called data lifeguard tools. a software utility that makes hard drive installation worry need to fdisk or partition this utility will do it all including copying your entire disk.....only works with western digital as a bonus you get a 3 year warranty.....have a look at their website

  IZZY 19:56 07 Aug 2003

Thanks all for your interest in reading this thread....

No, No WinME Installation disc. If I did have one the question I posed would be irrelevant. I would just install OS on new HDD.

Would you care to see my paper correspondence of 2 years ago with Mesh in an attempt to get a full copy of WinME? No chance, Recovery Discs or nothing.

Hector Allen...
Just the drive(s) WD60JB / 80JB I'm considering for the very reasons you itemise but if I had to re-install OS on new drive can I be sure that the Recovery Discs will be recognised by that drive?

That's the question I'm not sure of and which someone who has actually done this may give me an answer.


  SEASHANTY 20:35 07 Aug 2003

I have used the Maxtor Maxblast installation software to copy the entire "C" drive across to the new drive including the operating system (Windows ME) but I did have a copy of Windows ME supplied with the separate recovery disc. I guess not many people will have tried your situation as there appears no way of knowing if your recovery disc will work on the new drive until you actually try it. Only thing I can suggest is that you copy the entire "C" drive over to your new larger drive then remove the original completely and keep it as a spare keeping all the original info intact. If you then find that you still need another HDD to use as a slave to the new one then purchase another new drive. They aren't all that expensive compared with a few years ago. A new copy of Windows ME (OEM) would probably set you back £75 or thereabouts.

  leo49 21:48 07 Aug 2003

There's no 'hidden' partition on a Mesh[or at least not on mine supplied June 2001 with ME].

I've installed ME loads of times on various PC's by simply copying the Windows/Options folder to a CD[that's all you actually need],booting with a startup floppy and pointing it at the setup'exe on the CDR I previously created.

Give me a shout if you need to.

Regards leo49

  phoenix_one 23:57 07 Aug 2003

BUY XP here with your hdd then u have a REAL OS on a REAL DISC

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  rupie 00:16 08 Aug 2003

I had excectly the same dilema last year. a pc supplied with ME recovery disk from Evesham Micros. I wanted to put a new HDD in and so I called them. The disk did contain a full version of ME and they told me how to put it on a new Drive. They were helpfull and so try calling your vendor. I bought an IBM drive and there was a program calles disk 2000 that you could run and it would copy all the os and info over for you. You put the new drive in as a second drive and it even told you the jumper setting. Then it printed out the info needed to reboot as the primary drive

  IZZY 12:46 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for that link. I had a thought along the same lines but hadn't explored the possibilities. Good idea and have saved it to Favs.for future refs.

Good suggestion about keeping the 'original' HDD intact. Hadn't thought about that way. Not a bad idea at all. Many thanks.

I've seen various articles along the lines you say - copying discs over to new ones - but these always seemed to assume that you'd have a full OS Installation disc to get you out of trouble. I would like to think that the vendor would help but somehow I doubt it knowing who they are.

Last but not least..
LEO49... Hoped you'd spot this as I had a feeling you would have the answer. Going up to Cumbria tomorrow for a few days. Can I contact you when I get back?

Kind Regards...and my thanks to all who have posted.


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