Adding another hard disk

  Hoseman 10:26 30 Nov 2003

Ive got a couple of old PCS and Im hoping to combine the 2 by adding the hard disk from one to the other. How straightforward is this to do? There are a few other things that come into the equation. I eventually need to format the original hard disk (only) and I was wondering if its OK to do this once the 2 disks are together or and should this be done before?

The other thing I wanted to ask is the hard disk that is going into the PC, does it matter if it still has information and programs on it? Is there anything I need to do in order to be able to access these programs?

Any help appreciated.

  [email protected]@m 10:32 30 Nov 2003

And your operating system is?

You will need the jumper information to tell the drive to be slave. Generally, you can leave the data on the disc, you can access it or delete it later.

  SEASHANTY 11:29 30 Nov 2003

Presumably if you just insert this drive removed from one PC and install in the other you will have
Windows O/S on two drives. Even if this drive you have installed is connected as slave. I think you will have to remove this O/S before windows will recognise the drive. Never actually done this but wait for someone who knows the answer to tell you more on this.

  dazzling (work) 11:32 30 Nov 2003

you will need a boatloader to run both operating systems unless one is xp.darren

  Hoseman 12:37 30 Nov 2003

Thanks for the help so far. Both pcs are running Win98. What is jumper information?

In terms of making one a slave is that done after the hard disk is installed and the pc is switched on? DO I need to do anything to the hd prior to placing it in the pc?

  Jakey boy 12:45 30 Nov 2003

Just insert the drive, but set jumper to slave. The BIOS will detect it and you should be able to access the progs and files etc as normal. You could probably alter the boot sequence in BIOS to boot from the slave drive also.

  Jakey boy 12:47 30 Nov 2003

Set the jumper to slave before fitting. Instructions should be on the casing of the drive.

  [email protected]@m 12:56 30 Nov 2003

What make is the slave drive? You may have to go the manufacturers website to get the jumper information.

This is Western Digital click here

This is Maxtor and Quantum click here

  Quiller. 12:58 30 Nov 2003

Jumper information. click here

As you can see from this small pdf the jumper block is located between the IDE ribbon cable connector and the power connector at the rear of the hard drive. It has small plastic lugs that slip on to the pins. This example is a western digital hard drive.

The pins on your drive should be in the same position, unless it is a really old drive,but the commands from your pins may be different. The instructions for the jumper settings will be on the flat top of the drive.Look for the setting that says slave and insert the jumper on to that pin or pins.

  Quiller. 12:59 30 Nov 2003

My slow typing :( :)

  SEASHANTY 15:59 30 Nov 2003

Detailed information on how to install a second hard drive from this website, including jumper setting and bios configuration click here

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