Adding 98 to XP installation, sort of.

  PaulCrane 13:41 24 Jun 2003

I realise this has been covered by flecc at length is this posting click here
but I have a slightly different wrinkle on it.

I currently have a dual boot 98/XP system built via an early version of flecc's method. I plan to reinstall XP but don't want to have to reinstall 98 from scratch.

Can I follow flecc's method but instead of installing 98 simply restore an image of the 98 install previously taken using Drive Image? The net effect should be the same shouldn't it?

If so, when it comes to the Boot Magic part, will I have to reinstall? It should still be present on the 98 image but does it need to be reintalled because of the new XP installation?


  leo49 17:07 24 Jun 2003

I'll add to this thread but it could easily go on the original.

As you've already been told,reinstalling XP and wiping your data & progs partitions won't affect the 98 partition.[I'll presume you know how to do this].

Once you've completed your XP install, reboot with the Boot Magic floppy in order to get back into 98 where you can run the BM configuration, re-add your new XP OS and re-enable Boot Magic to restore your Boot Loader menu.


  woodchip 17:15 24 Jun 2003

If you restore an image file that was created before you installed XP then XP may not work without reinstalling it

  PaulCrane 09:03 25 Jun 2003

Sorry if a second thread was inappropriate but it seemed like s lsightly different point to me.

Anyway, I shall give it a go one way or the other and see how things work. Thanks for all the help.


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