adding a 3rd hdd

  krypt1c 12:27 14 Dec 2004

I'm running W2K SP4, and have 2 60g hdd. The 2nd hdd is almost full with my music collection so I'm thinking of investing in a large capacity hdd [200g / 250g]. However, I don't want to just dump a perfectly good 60g hdd, so was thinking of adding a 3rd hdd. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about it. Ta.

  ACOLYTE 12:38 14 Dec 2004

You may be able to do this by adding another clip to the IDE cable,or putting it on the second IDE cable,i have never added 3 hdd so i dont know if it would work,you would have to set them in order master slave etc,if i was going to do it i think i would try this,may not work, may work trial and error till you get a setup that works.

  Mango Grummit 12:48 14 Dec 2004

I've had your problem kryptic. What I have now is two external drives. Started with one, natch, but my thinking is that this is the best way for future-proofing the storage aspect. When changing computers becomes necessary all data will be in the same place as it is now.

  ventanas 12:50 14 Dec 2004

Yes, its possible, but you have to consider a couple of things.. First the maximum number of drives for a single controller is four. If you already have two optical drives, as well as the two hard drives , then that's your lot. But you can buy a second pci disc controller and IDE cables and connect the third drive that way.

Second, is there room for a third hard drive, and is it possible to fit another cradle for it.

  TomJerry 12:52 14 Dec 2004

most motherboards have two IDE channels each channel can connect two IDE devices HDD, Optical drivers.

Some new motherboard support SATA HDD, so some more connector to play with. If your M-board has spare SATA connector, just get a SATA HDD.

If you run out of IDE connector, no SATA and you have space in the case to put one HDD, you can get a PCI IDE controller (if you have spare PCI slot) which costs under £20.

If you run out of power connector, you can get a power split which costs around £1.

If you cannot do all above, get a external HDD. Or Get a 200HDD to replace one 60GB and get an external enclosure (cost around £25) and put old 60GB HDD in it and use as an external HDD.

Very simple.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 14 Dec 2004

Most motherboards have two primary and secondary IDE slots and the cables have two connectors. Therefore 4 IDE devices can be fitted typically 2 HDD master and slave on primary CD and DVD on secondary.

Are you using 4 devices 2HDD yes CD / dvd?

You could fit an IDE controller card giving you two more slots

Or go external USB to IDE controller (£20 + use your old drive)as per Mango Grummit.

  Danoh 13:04 14 Dec 2004

Typically Mother boards are limited to 2 EIDE channels, each of which would support 2 devices; master and slave. A common configuration is to have the HDDs connected to 1 IDE cable and a CD reader/writer and DVD reader connected to the 2nd IDE cable.

If your MoBo also has RAID connectors, your HDD is often connected to one of these and the CD and DVD drives using one EIDE channel each. You can re-connect the CD and DVD devices as master and slave, thus freeing up an EIDE channel for your 3rd HDD.

If not, you will need to install a new HDD interface card (EIDE or SATA option) to be able to connect a 3rd HDD.

  Danoh 13:07 14 Dec 2004

Oops, did not do a refresh before posting ~ duplicated others comments.

  krypt1c 13:19 14 Dec 2004

Thanks all. Should have said I'm using all IDE slots. There is room for a 3rd hdd, so it's a HDD interface card and power splitter

  Jeffers22 13:56 14 Dec 2004

Try the Promise controller. I have had good service out of my aging TX2. Also make certain your PSU has enough oomph to cope with the extra drive. Also need to watch heat levels inside the case. If you are going to do this I would recommend you also get round IDE cables to replace the ribbon cables - you will get better air flow within the case.

  bretsky 14:20 14 Dec 2004


bretsky ;0)

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