Adding 2nd internal HD

  Muergo 15:59 11 Sep 2009

I need to add to the capacity of my internal hard drive.
Dell tell me I can add another 160Gb drive into the spare bay
There is a connector already on the first hard drive connector ribbon cable.
Is it just like adding more memory? can I just get another ATA/Eide drive and plug it in or is there more to it than that?
Will the main board recognise it and automatically just up the capacity available.

It is only for day to day use, no complications, I have over 1 TB of external drive for other storage of photos etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 11 Sep 2009


SWitch off remove cover
slide into drive bay secure with 4 screws
attach ribbon cable and power molex plug.
refit cover.

your BIOS may find it if set to auto detect (most are)

when it boots into window you may see it in My computer if not then look under disk management it may require initialising and formatting.

  dth 16:27 11 Sep 2009

yes it a fairly simple job - like adding extra memory.

There are a few things to be aware of. Depending on the age of your p/c the hard drive might be connected by eida or sata. Obviously it makes sense to get the right hard drive.

Sata ones are the more straight forward as they just plug-in. The older type eide are a touch more fiddly as if you have the same connection (thin wide grey ones) connecting to two drives - you usually need to move a little jumper bin (on the drives) so that one drive is treated as the master and one as the slave.

  Muergo 16:53 11 Sep 2009

Thank you both for your fast informative replies.

My existing drive is a Western Digital ATA EIDE Blue from the label on the side and the ribbon cable has an empty socket fixed halfway along its length, I assume this is where I plug the other one in, or is there somewhere else.
Do I have to move pins around, why can't they just be amalgamated as one unit.
I don't want any partitions etc, just bulk capacity.
I am a bit worried about formatting, but I can clone the existing one onto the external drive in case of accidents, YES?

  Diemmess 17:11 11 Sep 2009

New drive to "empty socket" on the data cable.
Any spare power plug (4 conductors red yellow and black) to power it up.

Yes, you may have to move jumpers though the default setting is usually Cable Select - See HD case lable for pin out diagram.
If it really doesn't work then you will have to use Slave setting.

Whatever you do you will have separate HDs, each with their drive letter. You don't have to partition either drive.

If you are using XP you can format the new disk from Windows.

You can make a clone with something like Acronis but store it as an Acronis file on anything but drive C:

Bear in mind that if you simply clone straight across to your new drive you will wipe everything that was already there!

  lofty29 17:17 11 Sep 2009

I have 2 HDD's and recently cloned the second one in case the first should fail used xxclone free version very easy

  Muergo 17:20 11 Sep 2009

I have got all of that thank you, yes I said I would clone to external drive "G" and use Acronis.

Going to buy it now and follow all the instructions above.

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