Adding a 2nd hard drive and formattiong original?

  gplatt2000 14:12 28 Oct 2004

Hi. At the moment I have a 60GB HD, and would like to add a 2nd, 120gig one. The 120 will be used just for storing files, mainly video from a DV camera. The 60gig will be used for all windows, program files etc.

So, I presume I will need the 120 to be set as slave? So windows still booots from the 60?

BUT, my current HD (the 60) is, basically, full of rubbish lol. Lately I've got really lazy and not ever been sorting through it, so all the files are in a mess, loads of files and little programs I dont need, and probably a load of viruses and spyware too. (Last time I ran a scan for each was about a month ago, since then my subscription for norton has run out and I havent got round to renewing it)

So I'm planning on formatting the 60, to start a fresh, reinstalling windows and all the other programs. But my two main questions are:

What is the best way to back up the 60, as I'm n ot wanting to take any risks. If I make an image of it and stored it onto the 120, would that transfer any viruses onto the 120? How about if I made a partition on the 120, put the image in tehre, waited til everything was ok then reformated the 120??

My 2nd question is again similar, if I was to transfer any data off the 60 and onto the 120 (which I will be doing), will this also have viuruses etc from the 60?

So basically, waht is the best way to add the 2nd Hard Drive, make a back up ofd the 60, and tranfer SOME data stored onto the 60 onto the 120??

Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry about the long post.


  Brazils 09:47 29 Oct 2004

Both of these are free for personal use and I recommend both. Do a full check with both and you will have no more viruses or spyware. Problem solved. Good luck

click here

click here

  roasty 11:30 29 Oct 2004

I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. I had an 80GB HDD and bought a new 160GB one. What I found though was my newer driver was faster so I made that the master and re installed WIN XP SP2 on it. The 80GB HDD I put as a slave.
After reinstalling all my apps from origional disks I copied over all my video editing files so now the 160GB HDD is 75% full.

I still have not reformatted the 80GB HDD as yet because over the last week or 2 I'm still finding that odd download / file that I need to copy accross. I'm sure at some stage I'll get brave enough to reformat it but not at this stage.

I can't tell you enough how important it is to have up-to-date Virus / Firewall software. I've used PCCillin & Norton but find Norton the best.


  dth 11:46 29 Oct 2004

I would put the new drive in your p/c (as a slave drive). Format it and copy over all the bits that you want from your current drive. Then wipe the current drive and re-install windows xp.

Use your second drive for your data and bits. I would also partition your current drive (once wiped) into 2 (20gb for windows and your programmes and 40gb for a mirror back-up).

Then (say) every couple of weeks make a copy of your data and stuff from your second h/d and dump this on the back-up partition that you have on your first hard drive. Advantages are that if you knacker a document from your data bits you will have a copy on the back-up partition. Also if either drive fails you wouldn't care (well you would as you'd have to get a replacement) your data will be safe.

  exbrat67 21:57 05 Nov 2004


If you are installing a 2nd HD, why not take the opportunity to install a fast dedicated swapfile. Make a partition of say 2gig on your slave drive and put your swap file onto it setting both swap file limits to 2 gig. ( 3 or 4gig would be better if you are using more than 512 RAM ) This will make your swap filemuch faster and (almost) fragment free. If you are using microsoft defagmenter it will now work correctly. When I am video editing my swap file usage with 256MB was about 50% now with 640MB all of the 2gig is used. I really need 3 or 4 gig now. If you decide to do this set your swap file to clear on shutdown. Enjoy the speed.

  rawsongreen 23:17 06 Nov 2004

Could I ask what exactly is a swap file.

  Forum Editor 00:01 07 Nov 2004

A swap file - called virtual memory - is a section of a fixed drive which is set aside for Windows to use as virtual RAM when/if it runs out of installed RAM.

When you're working normally, opening and closing programs, and manipulating large image or sound files, Windows constantly loads and unloads data and program code to and from your RAM. The less installed RAM you have the more Windows needs to do this, and sometimes, if you are working with many programs open at the same time there simply won't be enough RAM to cope. By default Windows will then allocate a section of your hard drive for its own use, and will use it as temporary RAM (or swap file), shuffling programs and data onto and off this space as it needs to. The amount of space is managed dynamically, that is it's increased or decreased on the fly, as Windows needs more or less space.

You'll know if your computer is using the swap file because you'll hear the hard drive whirring away as you work. This process can slow things down - Windows can't access data on the hard drive as quickly as when it's in RAM - and you can improve performance by taking control, by dedicating a separate partition on your drive exclusively for use by Windows as a virtual RAM drive, or swap file.

To be honest you shouldn't really need to do this.If you find that your computer is constantly using the swap file it's far better to install more RAM - you'll get much better performance this way.

  gplatt2000 21:07 10 Nov 2004

OK here's what I think I've decided on, does this sound ok??

Leave the 60 as master. Add 160 as slave. Transfer all required data from the 60 to the 160. Format the 60. reinstall XP + programs on the 80. Make a prtition on 80 -one for windows+prgs, one for backups. Then, once im certain I have EVERYTHING I need, format the 160 again. (obviously any data i need i would put back onto the 80 temporarily, or onto dvd)

Does that sound ok?

Thanks again for all your help everyone, much appreciated :)

  Completealias 22:16 10 Nov 2004

B4 u do any transfers of files I would download the progs Brazils recommended and do a full scan 2 make sure everything is a ok. If you don't and u have got any nastys then you just gonna transfer them back n forth as well.

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