addind a new sata drive

  juggler73 22:58 21 Jul 2005

my pc has 2 ata 133 160gb drives partitioned (C:127 D:127 and E and F at 20gb each)had problems with XP recognizing my drives as they were over 127gb limit and i what to add a sata drive as primary (will i have the same problem with xp recognizing my new 200gb sata drive?)
so,my problem is that i have a lot of files i what to keep so i was thinking that if take out the ata drives and put the sata drive in install XP + service pack 2 too that then put one of the ata drives (setting them to slave in cable select jumpers) in transfer the files i need like my doc's, emails stuff and etc then put in the other and do the same with the files i what to keep then is it possible to take out the sata drive put the the 2 ata drives put the XP setup disk again go the where it comes to the format drive options,format and unpartition the 2 ata drives and the turn off at that point put in the sata drive and boot with the sata as primary and the ata drives as slaves
i think it would work i just need to have second opinion
cheers in advance

  howard60 09:33 22 Jul 2005

boy is that complex or what! have you looked on the drives makers site and downloaded the latest set up information and progs. With that you should be able to just install the sata drive and set it as primary drive.

  Ancient Learner 13:01 22 Jul 2005

I got a head ache reading that lot. -:))

My immediate thought is that you are very likely to need to obtain drivers for your SATA drive, as Windows does not include them. You normally get them from your motherboard makers web site! They go on a floppy, and are installed in the early part of installation of XP.

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