Forum Editor 20:50 17 Dec 2003

is certainly the word that I would use, and I can well understand your desire to take a further step into the wonderful world of web design.

You've had plenty of good advice from Taran and Sir Radfordin, and I wouldn't disagree with anything they've said, in fact I particularly agree with Sir Radfordin's advice that having a project is a real advantage. The best learning is always driven by the need to achieve, and I've always found that I'm far better motivated when I've got a client waiting, fingers tapping, for a project to go live. Having time on your hands can be a mixed blessing, and if I'm going to add anything to what's already been said it has to be that you should aim for a tangible result, rather than simply learning for learning's sake.

Don't venture where you are unlikely to go again - as Taran says. Stick to doing what interests you, and don't try to learn all about all aspects of web design, you won't succeed anyway, and you may find your enthusiasm being blunted by the sheer complexity of it all. Pick an area - maybe image handling, or form design, and learn it inside out, become a bit of a specialist. That will boost your confidence no end, and you'll move to the next area of expertise with the enthusiasm born of success.

Good luck, and don't forget to keep us posted (pun entirely intentional).

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