Added ram. have 2 ram slots but only 1 regonised

  JEFoord 00:46 28 Jul 2003

As per previous question about weather i needed more ram, i conluded from your answers that i did.
I have 2 slots for ram inside my little box and so bought a 128mb to add to my existing 64mb. My system now show i have 128mb but i cant understand why because i believed it should show 192mb (128+64). Do i have to do something to get both slots recognised are am i just a thick novice - probably!
Once again, any advice gratefully recieved.

  Djohn 01:07 28 Jul 2003

The first thing to check is that you have bought the same type of memory as your existing 64 mg. Then place your new 128mg. in the first slot and the 64mg. in the second slot, make sure both sticks are well pushed down and firmly in their slots. Check this and post back with the results. j.

  JEFoord 22:07 28 Jul 2003

I checked the ram i installed. my 64mb is sdram pc100 and the 128mb ram(new) is sdram pc133. Iasked the bloke in pc world and he told me it would downgrade itself to pc100. they are both fully pushed in. what now?

  Djohn 22:09 28 Jul 2003

What he told you is correct, not sure what to try next, but someone will have the answer. Regards. j.

  Bodi 22:22 28 Jul 2003

It could be that your two RAM chips just don't like each other. It does happen! I would just use the 128MB, or take it back to PC World (with a bit of luck you'll find someone who knows what he/she is talking about) with your original memory chip and ask them to match it. You never know!


  ade.h 22:30 28 Jul 2003

It could be the CAS latency or some other paremeter. Check the settings in BIOS. Or maybe try a hardware-checking utility like SiSoft Sandra - it might identify a duff module.

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