added memory problem

  budlia 21:58 30 Jun 2004

I hope one of you clever ppl out there can help me on this
I`ve just bought another 128 ram memory to upgrade my comp from 128 to 256, its the correct type and the comp picks it up at start up, but windows xp pro starts to load then stops and i get this message "A problem has been detected on your computer and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
*** STOP:0x000000D1,(0x54524F58,0x00000000,0xF9485D09)
*** usbhub.sys-Address F9485D09 at F9482000,Datestamp 00000000
Anyone know whats wrong plz !!

  budlia 22:04 30 Jun 2004


  woodbexhill 22:05 30 Jun 2004

I'm not particularly knowledgable on Windows stop errors but I think they occur when hardware changes are made to a machine.

The bit that sticks out to me personally says: "usbhub.sys". Are you connecting peripherals through a USB Hub, does it work when the hub isn't connected? Also, does Windows boot if you remove the additional RAM?

  VoG II 22:09 30 Jun 2004

I'm no hardware expert but that is a classic RAM problem error. Try removing the old stick, put the new one in Slot 0 and see if the problem still occurs.

You still don't give much away as to model and speed, but in general, if the BIOS recognises the RAM, well and good, but you're only half-way there. The only reason for the machine to start producing error messages like this is if it has become unstable, in this case because of a hardware change. Go back to the CMOS settings, restore 'Optimal Defaults', 'Fail Safe' defaults or similar. This may mean going for a lesser stepping speed on the chip, but the priority is to get it stable. If you can get a clean boot from basic CMOS settings, then try upping the stepping or multiplier, or turning back on any speed or ratio-enhancing options. If it remains stable, fine. If not, then the memory you have added is not liked by the motherboard, and the only thing to do is try a RAM chip from a different manufacturer. (I assume you're working with a fast PII or a PIII - the motherboards are often sensitive to memory combinations). No guarantees, but try this before changing the memory again.

  budlia 22:33 30 Jun 2004

thx to you all for your input.
leezer, i had to take it back out to get my comp working again, as for the speed, i think you mean what mhz, 1200mhz, plz excuse me, only i dont know an awful lot about comps, i was doing as my pal told me , he was baffled too lol.
anyway i`ll try what you recommend tomorrow, i`ve had enopuhg for one night. again many thx.

  budlia 22:36 30 Jun 2004

i tried swaping them over , but it wouldnt even start it just shut down straight away !

  woodbexhill 10:13 01 Jul 2004

Sounds like dodgy ram?

Don't count on that though, wait for confirmation from someone else.

looks like no way around it - replace the ram chip. Just going for the stated speed won't always work; like most components, ram sticks are all failures at the highest speeds, marked down to work at lower speeds, but they also have tolerances: one chip at the low end of its tolerance will not work with another at the high end; the combined margin of error is just too high. While you don't need to replace or upgrade like with like, do buy a branded make - Crucial, Kingston, Infineon, or Corsair are all well-respected (and generally work at above their marked speed if you need them to, or below if they must: good PC133 will run happily at a bus speed of 100, and occasionally vice versa.) Good luck, and don't give up, one can never have too much memory (unless you're running '98, which is a different story), especially as one gets older...:)

  budlia 22:21 02 Jul 2004

My new Ram stick is a V-Data make.I rang the company i bought it from and they said that XP has a security thing that stops XP loading when new hardware added like Ram and the way round it is to reformat with the new Ram in situ, i tried this method , but the comp wouldnt read the CD, it kept closing then rebooting and i`d get a blue screen warning,i think i`ll take it back and ask them to check it for faults.

  Rtus 22:41 02 Jul 2004

Ive been playing with Xp(home & prof) on several machines & removed & added sdram /ddr strips depending which machine I was on at the time & never had the O/s complain.I suggest its down to missmatched memory strips.I too would advise using crucial for any memory upgrade their service cant be beaten..

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