Add XP as 2ND OS to Windows 10 PC

  bluetwo 12:59 24 Feb 2018

I have a lot of software programmes which work with XP but not Windows 10. I would like to add XP (I have a disc and key) to my PC. The PC has Windows 10 installed. Thanks you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 24 Feb 2018

very difficult to add an older op system on top of a newer one and I wonder if there are XP drivers to suit the hardware in your machine.

Esiest way to go is to install it in a virtual machine click here

  beeuuem~2 14:55 24 Feb 2018

It can be done but isn't as easy as installing W10 with XP already installed see href here

  beeuuem~2 19:20 24 Feb 2018

Sorry about that - the link is click here

  Jollyjohn 20:00 24 Feb 2018

I would recommend using VirtualBox - install XP as a Virtual PC on W10 - come back if you need more info....

  wee eddie 21:32 24 Feb 2018

Does not Windows 10 have a Legacy Mode that might help you

  bluetwo 22:23 24 Feb 2018

Thank you MIS WARLORD, Fruit Bat/\o/\, beewen-2,Jollyjohn and wee eddie. I hope I got your names right - my eyes aren't as good as they used yo be. Considering the advice you have all offered and, because I could foul it up with my etesight, I have decided to leave well alone. I, 've done enough reformatting my time and I think I'll just give it a miss. Thank you all sincere. Great help.

  Jollyjohn 09:02 25 Feb 2018

By using VirtualBox - click here It avoids the need to partition / format your drive. The program installs and then creates a folder on your hard drive. This is where you can then install XP. You can then run XP without having to reboot. I used VirtualBox on a Linux PC with Windows XP, 7 & 10 as virtual installations with very few problems.

  bluetwo 09:55 25 Feb 2018

Thank you Jollyjohn, I'm still a little cagey about the installation. As I said earlier my eyesight is not good and getting worse, if I had a real problem I could be in the soup. When you said "with very few problems" can you qualify that? I would really like to bo it but am reticent about what problems there may be. Thank you again.

  bluetwo 09:58 25 Feb 2018

Hi Jollyjohn, Is it possible to load on an external Hard Drive?

  Jollyjohn 12:05 25 Feb 2018

Good question - give an hour to mess about and I will come back with an answer.

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