Add a wi-fi connection

  MrNewName 12:20 06 Mar 2012

Here is the situation:

5 story house

I have BT infinity connection with modem /router on ground floor. Wireless signal can be picked up easily until second floor. Third and fourth floors have very poor signal so I have run a cable from modem to top floor - completely hidden so no issues there.

On the top floor I have a Netgear network switch FS605 running three cables into three rooms. All works fine.

What I want now is to replace the Netgear switch with one that also offers a wi-fi connection so that my iPhone / iPad can connect via wi-fi on the top floor. I still need the wired capability.

Can anyone recommend one for me please? Home Network Plugs are not an option as the top two floors are on a different circuit for some reason.

Thanks for any advice and I'd appreciate solutions to be as fool-proof as possible; adding the Netgear switch was no problem and hopefully replacing it with a wireless enabled one will be equally straightforward.

Many thanks.

  Strawballs 19:13 09 Mar 2012

If your adding a router to the network you won't need another one with built in Modem that is why I said a cable router.

  difarn 10:43 10 Mar 2012

Hi - just came upon this article (via Daily Telegraph technical page) which may interest you. Gives step by step, very clear, instructions on how to set up a wireless access point (daisy chain) in a situation that sounds like your own.

  MrNewName 17:14 10 Mar 2012

Thanks again; very useful article which sums up my situation pretty well!

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