Add Switch or Hub to a router

  [DELETED] 12:18 25 Feb 2006

Just checking I'm understanding correctly ....

A router with 4 LAN ports, fully set up and 100% working for the 4 PCs to share internet access and share files between the PCs.

If I want to add another 4 computers and configure the 4 computers properly and 100% working, do I just add the switch or hub to one of the router ports and connect the extra 4 PCs to the switch or hub and it will work or is there more to set up? (Assuming I have the PCs configured correctly).

Am I correct in thinking there isn't any additional configuration needed for hub/switch, but as long as the PCs are configured in the same way as if I was just adding the PCs to the router, I just plug it in.

So a single LAN port on the router can actually send traffic for many IP addresses which is sorted further down the network by the switches, or just fired out to everything if using hubs?

If I want to continue adding to the setup can I just do the same again on either a LAN port on the router or one of the ports on the switch or hub. (Like an extended family tree diagram)

When choosing between using a switch or hub, what are the things to consider apart from a switch being more efficient in terms of the traffic travelling across the network?

Will patch cables work or are crossovers needed, is there a simple rule for patch vrs crossover?


  [DELETED] 16:23 25 Feb 2006

I've basically just done exactly this. I added a Network Switch to my single LAN port on my Router and then added all the other PC's etc to the Network Switch. It's completely transparent and you don't need to change anything. But do use a Switch rather than a Hub - they are almost the same price. A Switch directs specific data to specific devices whereas an Hub broadcasts the data to all devices and can cause congestion on a busy Network.

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  [DELETED] 16:25 25 Feb 2006

And you use standard Patch cables. Crossover cable is only used for connecting 2 computers together on an ad-hoc basis.

  [DELETED] 16:34 25 Feb 2006

I had this exact setup in my house,i.e wireless modem/router to switch with straight patch cable,in fact I'm planning to add another switch to the network later on, since wireless signal may not be all time reliable in a multi-storey building.

The second switch will be again using straight patch cable to one of the router's lan port,because all the cabling was laid down already.

If you're connecting the second switch to the first switch,you'll need crossover cable though.

Once you've done all the cable connection properly,there's no special configuration you'll have to do,the router'll do it automatically.

I'll prefer switch to hub.


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