Add something to 'send to' list in Windows 7

  exdragon 22:26 24 Jun 2010

Hi - a friend of mine has Windows 7 on his new laptop. He's partitioned the C drive and, I think, the new partition is named F. He wants to add F to the 'Send to' list, but although it shows his external drives and he can add a folder, he can't add F.

Is he trying to do something which isn't possible? I've got XP and sent him the instructions on how I added stuff to Send to, including 'unhiding' the hidden folders to get to the Send to option on the C drive.

It's a bit difficult trying to talk it through when we have different scenarios. There's quite a lot of, 'It says this...', 'No, it doesn't', 'Well, it must...'

I'm going to get him to sign up here, I think!

  MAT ALAN 22:31 24 Jun 2010

click here

might help...

  exdragon 22:55 24 Jun 2010

Thanks - I'll send him a link to that, but does it mean you can actually add the internal drive F, or just applications?

He's also having problems with his environment variables and thinks he may have deleted something... It's obviously all linked together, isn't it?

  Eric10 10:27 25 Jun 2010

Open the Send To folder as per MAT ALAN's link. Right-click on the background of the folder and choose "New, Shortcut". In the box type F:\ then click Next. Change the shortcut name if required and click Finish. This will "Send To" the root of F: so include a folder name if you prefer to send to a particular folder on F:.

  exdragon 17:29 25 Jun 2010

Eric10 - msny thsnks, worked a treat and he's happy. And I'm on the promise of a G&T.

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