add and remove

  helpingf 14:44 30 Dec 2008

i notice that in my add remove there are 2 off each programe why is tha ?

  dukeboxhero 14:59 30 Dec 2008

helpingf if you do a system restore as Fruit Bat /\0/\ has said on your Is it saved post then see if this problem is still there.

  helpingf 15:48 30 Dec 2008

still there is it safe to reboot and reinstall as i have never done before

  MarvintheAndroid 18:07 30 Dec 2008

When re-installing Windows it is best practice to re-format your hard disk drive - I assume this is what you mean. This will LOSE ALL DATA saved on the hard disk.

Therefore it is only "safe" to re-install Windows provided that :

1) you have all the discs for Windows operating system, software and device drivers needed to make your system work, including the registration code key for your Windows CD.

2) you have backed up copies of all your data files and emails etc on a separate drive.


  brundle 18:18 30 Dec 2008

No need, you can remove faulty/duplicate entries with CCleaner, or this; click here which will make backups of removed items. When I say "remove", I mean removing the duplicate reference to the file/program, not uninstalling the program. If you accidentally delete both entries and somehow lose the backups made by the program above, reinstall that program in the conventional way to restore its Add/Remove entry.

Having said all that there may be something else wrong with your system that caused the issue in the first place.

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