Add or Remove Programs Missing

  Big Trev 23:32 18 Oct 2004

Here's a strange one! When I look in Add or Remove Programs he list only populates as far as DAP 7 and is blank beneath that.

I have Zonealarm (among other things) installed, so it should go further.

I installed a new Graphics Card the other day, without any problems so I don't know if the two things are related.

Windows XP SP2.

Any ideas what causes this? And how to cure?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:30 19 Oct 2004

Have you tried a restore?...T

  Big Trev 18:22 19 Oct 2004

I was hoping to avoid the Restore option because I'll have to go through the rigmarole of reinstalling the graphics card.

Anybody any other ideas.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:48 24 Oct 2004

Even if you do a system restore, Windows will reinstall the drivers for your graphics card automatically, because they are already on your drive like the graphics card is already on your mobo....T

  Halmer 08:01 24 Oct 2004

Can't you try the system restore and then reverse it if necessary?

What happens if you sort the programs in Add/ Remove by size, frequency of use etc. Do they still remain hidden?

  Big Trev 08:10 24 Oct 2004

Just the same however you sort them.

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