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  JimButler 10:49 05 Jan 2004

Dell 4300 PC ( 2 yr old .. Win XP Home )
HDrive is Maxtor Ultra DMA IDE
I wish to upgrade my HD using my current as
a backup failsafe. Should this scenario work ?
1)Install new uprated drive as Slave on Primary IDE.
2)Format same as NTFS.
3) Copy ALL C: data to new secondary drive.
4) Reboot with new drive connected as Master
on Primary IDE.
Thanks in advance for any response.

  wobblymike 11:31 05 Jan 2004


You need to install your new drive as master and load your OS onto it before you do anything else. Once this is done install your old drive as slave and then simply delete the programs and files that you no longer need.

If you were thinking of copying your OS from your old drive to your new drive - you cannot it will not work. You need to reinstall.


  Sheila-214876 11:37 05 Jan 2004

Fit your new formatted drive as a slave and use xxcopy (download free from click here) this will copy everything from your old drive to your new drive. When complete make your new drive the Master and old drive the Slave and reboot. You can now delete everything off the old drive or reformat it.

  AndySD 11:48 05 Jan 2004

click here Will do this for you ...there is a flash tutorial click here

  DieSse 12:00 05 Jan 2004

XXclone is the program specifically for cloning bootable XP system drives. It's from the came people as XXcopy (which the xxcopy people say is not for cloning a bootable XP drive.)click here

  stlucia 12:16 05 Jan 2004

You haven't given the size of your old and new drives but, presuming that the new drive will be larger than the old one, I would normally leave the operating system on the old drive (provided it's working okay), and then use the new one for data and backups.

If your old drive is full, you can then move some data onto the new drive to make some space. Saves messing around with moving or re-installing Windows.

  JimButler 12:19 05 Jan 2004

Responses from Ennuye + DieSse make sense but I
am confused as to why I need special progs to
simply copy ALL data ( system would obviously
include OS boot info ) from my old C to a new
drive ( to then be hard wired as Primary disk ) ?? Why special utilities ?

  Sheila-214876 12:51 05 Jan 2004

In the "good old days" of DOS we had "copy" and "xcopy" built-in, which would do exactly that, but file names were limited to - what was called 8.3, format - ie. a file name could not be more than 8 characters with an extension of 3 characters. The extension of 3 characters has been retained, but, as you know with the advent of Windows you can have a file name of upto 256 characters. Up to Windows 98SE the operating systems are run on top of DOS so, although "copy" wouldn't work "xcopy" would and with Win98SE you can "xcopy" one hard drive to another (using switches) and get an exact copy. Windows XP doesn't use DOS so "xcopy" is not available (as far as I know, because I am still on Win98SE) so external sources have taken up the challenge and have written programmes to do the job. Just take advantage of the free programmes or, take the stlucia suggestion (which I think is what I would do) and leave your old disk in as the boot disk and transfer your personal files from old disk to the new disk.

  DieSse 13:06 05 Jan 2004

Because when you copy, many files are in use by Windows, and many are specially marked/reserved by XP which prevents a simply "copy" from working. This especially applies to the boot sector of a drive, which doesn't even appear as a "file" in the file system.

Xcopy also has flaws in it, which make it totally unsuited for reliable copying of long file names (the Xcopy site explains this is some depth, and I once did one of the tests which prove it may not always work correctly).

So a lot of time and effort has been expended to write programs which ensure a proper working clone of a system disk - xxcopy for Win9x and xxclone for WinXP are good examples of such programs, though not the only ones.

  JimButler 13:29 05 Jan 2004

Ta very much - especially the prev 2 responses
with ref to copying the OS .. this rectifies
my confusion on this issue.. I`ll d/load xxclone.
Ta very much once more DieSse + Ennuye.

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