Add my old internal zip drive?

  Chris the Ancient 12:15 22 May 2005

You know how it goes...

You get a new pc. You have gone for two hard drives and two DVD drives (one a writer) and you run out of IDEs on the Gigabyte KT400 motherboard.

Now that board has an extra IDE socket for RAID thingies - but I had problems with the RAID and it was said to be a bit of 'overkill' for my needs. So I had the RAID disabled or something like that.

Now, as these things go, there is something I would like to get back from my old zip disks that I used to have - and I still have my old internal zip drive floating about (although I seem to have lost the instruction manual somewhere). And the drive has an IDE connector.

Would a simple PCI ADI card be sufficient to allow me to resurrect my zip drive? Refresh Computers (who are just up the road) have one with the following description...

Dual channel ATA133 IDE raid card, supports raid levels 0 and 1, supports up to 4 devices.

Could I just plug that in and then install my old zip drive and make it work somehow? Or am I just too optimistic?


  xania 12:22 22 May 2005

I would have thought that a simpler approach would be to simply disconnect your DVD drive temporarily and simply connect your zip drive in its place. You may need the zip drive driver, but you should be able to download what you need from Iomega (although my USB zip drive worked immediately when I installed XP Pro). If you do need all 5 drives permanently, tha card will probably do the trick, but a simpler solution would be to simply copy all your old zips disks to CD/DVD - then you can Ebay that drive and all the discs!

  leo49 12:33 22 May 2005

A simple non-raid IDE controller like this one

Innovision EIO DM-8401H Ata133 IDE Controller Card

click here

that I've got in my PCs would seem to be the best bet. Very cheap,simplicity itself to install and gets on with the job.

  Chris the Ancient 12:41 22 May 2005


That thought had gone through my mind as a possibility. Then the next thought was... I could just do it as a permanent feature coz I also have quite a stock of (then expensive) zip disks which would still be useful for some back up work. Hence the idea of using a card.


Looks simpler than the one from Refresh. Trouble is, the stock is overdue, but I'll keep a note of that page and keep an eye on the stock level. The advantage with Refresh is that I go past it most days.

And if I did get the card, can I just plug it in and connect up the zip drive - or is there going to be the need for a bit of bios tweaking? (Which I'm terrified of messing up!)

  leo49 12:51 22 May 2005

I've installed it in 4 different PCs and never had a problem.

Plug in the card, reboot and it's detected and the New Hardware wizard asks for the CD and installs the drivers.

Shut down,plug in your drive[an IDE ribbon is included in the kit]and reboot.If you haven't got a spare power connector from your PSU then you'll need to get a splitter cable.

I've connected HDDs,DVDROM and DVDWriters to it and never needed to update Bios's.

  Chris the Ancient 13:18 22 May 2005

Thanks for all that feedback.

It all sounds within my limited abilities - so as soon as Ebuyer get some in, I'll get one and give it a go.

Many thanks


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