shreked 10:28 23 Jul 2017

I know that I can add a message box to ask a question and then select yes/no but I need help in doing it.

Im trying to get a message box come up asking if the CD has burnt OK and to say yes/no and if yes selected to delete the data in the file called "downloads" apart from a autorun icon.

Can anyone help.


  xania 14:17 25 Jul 2017

Are you talking about writing a DOS script to call yourself after running a burn, or a macro from within a specific burn program?

  shreked 07:42 07 Sep 2017

I think its a macro so that it autoruns. I think a DOS script you have to auto activate yourself?

  shreked 17:17 22 Dec 2017

I now have a bit better idea on what I need and I think its a DOS script but I need it to auto run if that makes sense.

I need the file to burn to disk using the windows built in burning and then a message window pop up after finished burning and ejecting disk asking if data on disk has burnt ok and plays properly.

If "YES" is clicked I then need the files within the folder called "xxxx" in C drive to have its contents deleted and if possible the folder to remain there but if it deletes the folder too thats OK. If "NO" Clicked just exit and do nothing.

Hope that makes sense.

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