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Add a graphics card + ssd

  Daveelle 09:25 05 Apr 2018

Hi my techincal knowledge isnt the best ive bought a pc for streaming and light gaming. It doesnt have a hdmi port so thought adding a card with one would help boost it as well. Just wondering if its possible. This is the what i have. Quad Core Windows 10 Pro / AMD A10-7850K 4x 4.0 GHz / 16GB DDR3 / 1TB HDD / 4 GB Radeon r700. This was the card i was thinking click here was going to link the pc but its no longer on the site. I paid 280 its a refurb. I've seen some i7s desktops on ebay for 350 with a graphics card already would it be worth getting one of the i7s instead? I dont know the ghz of the i7 I've sent them a messaged seeing what it is. If anyone could recommend a refurb desktop thats better id aporeciate the help. Also just ordered a 120gb ssd to boot it up click here it fits at 2.5 otherwise could i use a caddy to use it as a boot up drive? Finally if i add these things will i need to get a better power supply ?

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