To add 98 partition to a hdd with XP already on

  Jez11 15:42 21 Aug 2004

I have tried wading through all the threads on the forum that are entitled 'dual boot' but life is too short (lol) so I have to start one of my own.

A friend of mine has a pc with one hard disk. The disk has two partitions with XP on the first. He wants to put 98 on the second partition to create a dual boot system. Is it possible to do this and if so how?

  iambeavis 15:59 21 Aug 2004

Does this help? click here

  woodchip 16:03 21 Aug 2004

99% sure you cannot do it. 98se as to go on C:\Drive it will no go on another partition other than C:\

  Jez11 16:05 21 Aug 2004

Looks good. Thanks, Beav. If my friend cannot understand this, would it be easier to reformat and install 98 first?

  mosfet 17:13 21 Aug 2004

By error I put 98se on D & XP on C,it works ok tho.More by luck than knowing!..Les

  iambeavis 17:20 21 Aug 2004

If he can't understand it he should leave it to someone who knows what he/she is doing - it's all too easy to mess up!

  zanwalk 17:46 21 Aug 2004

It is possible using Partition Magic. This has been well documented in an earlier thread by flecc.

If you are interested email me (yellow envelope by my name) and I will email you a Word document with the details. It is a very detailed description that anyone should be able to follow.

  phoenix42 19:38 21 Aug 2004

Hi Jez11
take up rayburn's offer, Partition Magic or try to get a copy of Partition Commander and your problem is solved ,in fact no real problem at all, so long as your main disk is big enough for what you want

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