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Adblocker problems with Firefox on 2 platforms

  csqwared 13:27 08 May 2019

Running Firefox in Linux Mint and Win 10 (2 separate machines - not dual boot) with Adblocker Ultimate on both. The adblocker has suddenly stopped working on both platforms. I have tried to re-install/install various versions of AdBlocker with no success. Any ideas?

  lotvic 14:03 08 May 2019

I had same problem. All okay now with latest firefox.

There is/was a certificate bug in Firefox - unsupported add-ons, it has been fixed in latest download of firefox info: ClickHere

  csqwared 16:07 08 May 2019


Thanks for that. Un-installed/re-installed Firefox and everything seems to be working OK. Strangely enough my wife's machine (Win7) hasen't been affected. Thanks again.

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