"Adblock"? software program blocking ads IN pages

  end 22:09 15 Feb 2005

am on Win 98SE IE6; am fed up with ads IN pages; saw the Adblock program in a thread and thought it might be useful for me;does anyone use it and how effective is it at stopping the horrid ads in pages; I already have a pop-up blocker ( Guard IE) which works brilliantly, but the ads within the pages are distracting ; recommendations or otherwise from members would be appreciated please; have already had a run-in with Hosts program but failed miserably; so hope this one might be different::))

and how easy to install?:)

  Diodorus Siculus 22:19 15 Feb 2005

click here
Hosts file that is very effective. No installation necessary - simply copy and paste.

  end 22:29 15 Feb 2005

sory; its the Adblock program am interested in; had a try with Hosts but no-go:(

  bertiecharlie 23:10 15 Feb 2005


Are you thinking of the Adblock Extension for Firefox and Mozilla in which case it won't work with IE. click here

  bertiecharlie 23:14 15 Feb 2005

Is this the programme you are currently using click here in which case do you have the script blocker turned on/ That in itself would block most ads.

  Jeffers22 23:39 15 Feb 2005

You say you had a go with the hosts file but no go. I think you must have done something wrong because downloading the hosts file and following the instructions on the link VoG posted for me works a treat. I even have a PCA forum that loads 10 times faster because it blocks all the calls to the servers that put ads on the PCA pages. (sorry FE but they are why it is slow to load) Strongly suggest you talk to Vog and try again, it's a lot less strain on your PC's resources than yet another program loading at startup.

  end 23:51 15 Feb 2005

I have tried Hosts on Lappy with no effect; maybe I need to be literally "talked thru" the process of putting it on the thing; I know it should be easy, but found otherwise here:(

and I do not have a router here to have both machines on-line together ( another sore point )

tower ( on now) is my main machine; lappy is a "back up" internet enabled machine, hense trialing Hosts on IT

( and, no disrespect to FE , but the ads on here do make me distracted , let alone other "work" sites I visit::))

and; I have Guard IE v3.4 on here which blocks virtually ALL pop ups , but not ads IN pages, and cannot see an option in IT TO block these ads:)

  end 00:02 16 Feb 2005

the "adsblock" program is mentioned in this thread

click here

about half way down I think:)

  end 00:04 16 Feb 2005

ads is at 15/2/05 1937 hours entry::)) on that thread:)

  Jeffers22 00:14 16 Feb 2005

Go to click here and download a hosts file from the link at the top. You may need to unzip it. Remember where you have saved the unzipped file.

Boot your Win98 machine to DOS.

At the C:\ prompt type: cd windows\hosts <Return>

at the C:\Windows\Hosts prompt type: rename hosts oldhosts.txt <Return>

Type: copy C:\Path\path\hosts . <return>

For \path\path out in the path to the saved unzipped hosts file you downloaded. Do not forget the space and full stop after the word hosts and before you hit return. The full stop means "here"

Reboot to windows and that's it, you are done. Keep a link to the page so you can read up on adding extra entries to the file as time goes on.

Good luck - but you should not need it.

  ve3ofa 07:28 16 Feb 2005

The adblock program you are referring to is a plugin for mozilla firefox browser.. It is not for Internet Explorer at all.

The hosts file is normall located in the etc folder i.e. c:\windows\system32\etc or C:\windows\system\etc. And this is a generic internet file that works for everything internet related.

What this downloaded hosts file does is redirect entries i.e. it might have an entry "doubleclick.net"

When the browser sees the entry 'doubleclick.net' it first checks the hosts file where in this case it finds it and it then says load the page from (which happends to be our local system). without the hosts entry it will continue to look up the address from your dns server and eventually return it ip address of 'doubleclick.net' which your internet network understands.. remember that computers work only on numbers and not names and humans work easier with names than numbers.

Booting into Dos is not neccessary as the file is checked every time that there is a reference to it.

You may test your configuration by trying to visit a site that is listed in the Hosts file. Type in a site such as "doubleclick.net" and if your browser can not access it then you are in business! If you have problems, try closing your browser and reopening it, or try emptying your browser's cache before trying again. Also, you may need to reboot in some cases.

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