AdAware update

  Brumas 09:40 09 Dec 2004

Now available


  €dstowe 09:51 09 Dec 2004

Not here - latest update is 3 December coded SE1R21.

Do you have something later than this?

  D G 09:58 09 Dec 2004

Ditto DG

  rawprawn 10:00 09 Dec 2004

Nor here, you must be favoured Brumas

  pj123 10:05 09 Dec 2004

Me too. SE1R21 is the one I have.

  Brumas 10:33 09 Dec 2004

In my haste to actually contribute something instead of asking for something I totally fouled it up...once again, sorry folks.


P.S. maybe one day......!

  Djohn 12:03 09 Dec 2004

A reminder is always useful to those who may have missed it first time round. I checked mine to find it was up to date but while I was at it, I checked all my other anti-virus and spyware progs.

  stalion 12:17 09 Dec 2004

It's the thought that counts, all the best

  €dstowe 15:43 09 Dec 2004

As Djohn says, don't let one little error put you off contributing here. We've all done something like that before.

  rawprawn 20:17 09 Dec 2004

Join the club

  Brumas 21:27 09 Dec 2004

Thanks to all you senior seasoned forum members for your tolerance. I have now put it all down to experience.

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900), Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act III

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