adaware stops at reg key

  fly2hi 21:47 22 Apr 2003

can some kind soul shed any light on this.
I thought it was a problem with adaware so downloaded again and updated. When scanning system it stops and hangs at the same point.
I am assuming it is the registry key that's causing the problem.



At this point we have exhausted fly2hi's knowledge base

any ideas please?

  Gongoozler 22:03 22 Apr 2003

Hi fly2hi, the best advice I can give is to check for updates as soon as you have installed AdAware, then start a scan and go and make a cup of tea (or whatever other passtime will take you a few minutes). Whereas AdAware 5 used to run through its job in a minute or so, AdAware 6 appears to hang on certain files (I find QuickTime to be one), and then the file count jumps. The whole scan can take quite a long time (I would guess about 5 to 10 minutes but I haven't counted). I can only assume that the check is much more thorough than it was with version 5.

  MAJ 22:11 22 Apr 2003

Agree with Gongoozler, but also, those are the places where some viruses install a few files. As well as Gongoozler's recommendation, do an up to date virus scan, fly2hi.

  fly2hi 22:12 22 Apr 2003

Thanks for the response. I still get the feeling it is hanging up, though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to leave it all night and see if it continues.
Task manager says it is not responding, but that may not mean much!

  Joe McG 22:12 22 Apr 2003

fly2hi, almost the same posting as Gongoozler.

I've also found version 6,takes far longer to scan the files. than Adaware 5. I've also found that it can hang for up to 2 minutes on certain files.

Even try starting it, when you are going out for a while.
Best of luck. Joe.

  Audeal 23:25 22 Apr 2003

I found that Ad-aware v5 was quite fast in win98. But version 6 took forever and a day. Now I have upgraded to XP and it is a lot faster.

  Gongoozler 09:17 23 Apr 2003

fly2hi, when Task Manager says that a program is not responding, its usually right. Although AdAware 6 takes a long time, all night is more than a bit excessive. It could be worth trying a virus scan first and also run RegClean click here

  Gongoozler 11:02 23 Apr 2003

Hi again fly2hi. I have just been looking at the superb forum that Lavasoft have specially for the free version on AdAware 6 click here.

The common advice for AdAware freezing appears to be either to disable the antivirus, or to run AdAware in safe mode. It also appears that the reason AdAware 6 can take a long time is that it has to do a lot of file expansion and compression. I suggest that you have a look at that forum, and possibly post your problem there. But don't forget to come back here to let us know what you find!

  fly2hi 22:38 24 Apr 2003

Gongoozler (how do you abbreviate that?)..thanks for the feedback. I did have a look at the adaware forum before starting this thread but didn't see anything that might have helped. Not that I looked very far mind. So after your prompt I went back again and lo behold at the top of the page was the 'freezing' thread. Tried some of the suggestions and what it came down to was disabling the option to scan achived files. Adaware now completes the scan without any problems and found 80 data miners. Also told me something I didn't want to know. How did I manage to accumulate 173,331 files (excluding archives)

  Gongoozler 09:24 25 Apr 2003

Hi fly2hi. I'm pleased to see that you've resolved the problem. I must admit that I was surprised when AdAware 6 found hundreds of spyware cookies on my system, especially as just previously I had run Adaware 5. Version 6 does a much more thorough job.

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