AdAware - SpywareNo False Alarm?

  beynac 09:38 13 Feb 2006

I ran an AdAware scan yesterday (defs: SE1R91 08.02.2006) and it identified a registry key as SpywareNo. It didn't find any of the other SpywareNo items and I have had no symptoms. It looks like a false positive. I have let AdAware quarantine the item (I can always reinstate it if something doesn't work!). I was wondering if anybody else had had the same situation.

  beynac 10:22 13 Feb 2006

Yes, I agree. Is this the key it identified?

obj[0]=Regkey : S-1-5-21-850690737-1247365964-4266886337-1007 \software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\ext\stats\ {72267f6a-a6f9-11d0-bc94-00c04fb67863}

I've done a search on this and I think it's something to do with Active Desktop.

  rawprawn 10:46 13 Feb 2006

click here
My F Secure scanner found this and I deleted it with no after effects.

  beynac 14:11 13 Feb 2006

I think that SpywareNo uses this object rather than it being part of the problem. The object still appears in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. AdAware removes it from HKEY_USERS. From further investigation, I'm sure that it's something to do with the desktop -no idea what though!

I've noticed no difference to my computer so I'm going to leave it in AdAware's quarantine.

  beynac 18:53 13 Feb 2006

I'll tick this now, as I'm fairly relaxed about the situation. Thanks Gongoozler and rawprawn.

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