Adaware and spybot

  herc182 12:49 02 Sep 2004

Dear all,

Where can i download these two programs (for free)? i want to make sure i am getting the proper ones and not some shabby other product. i currently have spyvest and will also have a go with spyblaster (?).

Just a general question:

i always delete whatever spyvest comes up with. what is the point of quarantining them? or not deleting them?!

Thanks all

  herc182 13:10 02 Sep 2004

Thank you spanneress. i was not being lazy, as i had done that (searched on google). i just wanted to make sure that the one i downloaded was the one everyone else uses and rates so highly.


  Stuartli 13:18 02 Sep 2004

I think you mean that they require updating regularly...:-)

  herc182 13:33 02 Sep 2004

sorry no bitterness intended. I too get frustrated seeing threads that look like minimal effort has been made to research the topic themselves. the search tool in the forums is also excellent but sometimes (if it is a popular product or question) you get way too many threads to look through.

I generally use this as a last resort!

Thanks for your input

  herc182 14:17 02 Sep 2004

Thanks €dstowe. saved me a bit of bother! thats why i wanted to make sure i was getting the right thing!!


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