AdAware SE: Virus detection

  Tj_El 01:07 11 Nov 2004


While running AdAware, it came up with a mesage telling me I have a trojan on my PC named awi.exe.

I have already seen this message twice recently and each time, I disable System restore, run AVG (after rebooting) then enable system restore. Each time AVG reported finding nothing so I am surprised this keeps springing up.

Is it a case of AVG being unable to disinfect the PC of this trojan or is it a case of a program installed that when run, triggers the 're-deployment' of this virus?

I run the TrendMicro HouseCall online scan to see what it would report and is also reported finding nothing!

I browsed to the file via the path reported while running AdAware and deleted the entire folder in the Temp directory and run AdAware again. This time the virus message pop-up box did not appear. Strange.

Your thoughts/comments?


  Jackcoms 06:53 11 Nov 2004

AVG is an anti-virus program, AdAware is an anti-malware program.

AVG probably cannot detect this .exe program because it is malware/spyware, rather than a virus.

You were wise to run your scan with System Restore turned off but, generally, it is safe to allow AdAware to remove any nasties which it finds.

  Chris10 07:17 11 Nov 2004

Why does AVG not treat malware in the same way as a virus and delete it as well? Using different programs seeems an unnecessary compication and both these (AVG and adaware) are free. I don't think the pay version of AVG deletes malware either but if it did I suppose that would be an expanation.Anybody know?



  Chris10 07:19 11 Nov 2004

my spelling is a bit poor!

  Jackcoms 09:52 11 Nov 2004


As I said in my post "AVG is an anti-virus program, AdAware is an anti-malware program."

They are designed to do two different functions.

As far as I'm aware there isn't a product on the market that does both.

  Stuartli 10:02 11 Nov 2004

Jackcoms's comments are quite correct.

If if was possible for AVG and/or AdAware to remove both types, it would create more problems than it solved.

  Graham ® 10:04 11 Nov 2004

Quite right. AVG has a database of viruses which it searches for. AdAware has a database of spyware, which it searches for.

To combine the two searches would be, to use a technical term, 'tricky'.

Trojans, I feel, fall somewhere between the two. You need a specific tool to remove a specific trojan.

  Graham ® 10:51 11 Nov 2004

I got distracted by the thread title!

I have just noticed the trojan has a .exe extension. You may have deleted the file, but the program will have executed and the trojan is on your system.

You must run a trojan scanner and removal tool. Do a search on this site for 'trojans' for some suggestions.

  tehtarek 17:24 11 Nov 2004


I read (I think it was a thread in this Forum) that best precaution is to have AVG, AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy all working to prevent anything slipping thro any one of them. Works beautifully for me. The latter two require user action to quarantine/remove detected malware and trojans.

  Tj_El 13:38 25 Nov 2004

Thanks to all who responded :-). Apologies for the delay in responding to your entries. :-(

Apologies also for the confusing thread title...! I must have been half asleep when I came up with that one... ;-)

I am in the process of downloading and installing the free software (a²) from click here. (courtesy of a link provided by VoG™ on another thread).

tehtarek, I have had all 3 programs you refer to running on my PC for quite a few months now including SpyWareBlaster but something got through.. Guess, the moral of the story is that one always needs to update all these programs before one does any surfing, hoping that that is sufficient to catch/stop any form of "infection".

Thanks again people! :-)) I just love this site! ( OK now here comes the green tick....)

  Stuartli 14:20 25 Nov 2004

To add to tehtarek's point, often made by me and others, don't forget SpywareBlaster...:-)

This stops many of the nasties getting on in the first place - currently version 3.2

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