Adaware SE scan causes Windows XP to close

  markdavid 08:32 20 Jul 2007

A problem has suddenly occured. When I run Adaware SE from my desktop, after a few seconds of the smart system scan I get a message "Windows is shutting down" (with a 1 minute countdown). Shutdown initiated by NT Authority system. RMC Terminated unexpectedly."
I notice that, for the 1st time ever, the Adaware at this point has picked up a critical object near the beginning of the system scan...during the WINXP part.

So I am left with a blank desktop and have to reboot manually, usually prompting a disk check.

Any ideas what might have happened and the cure? Keep it simple please!

Many thanks

  crosstrainer 08:43 20 Jul 2007

Adaware in safe mode:

To Do This

1) Boot the computer and tap the F8 key

2) choose safe mode

3) After booting run adaware

If this fails post back

  Technotiger 08:44 20 Jul 2007

Check this out,

click here

  Taff™ 08:52 20 Jul 2007

This sounds like the Blaster Virus. May be worth checking. See if this fits the problem click here If so follow solution 1.

  markdavid 09:00 20 Jul 2007

Thanks both. this OK to install, since I have Panda Antivirus Platunum running already? There won't be any conflict will there?

Crosstrainer - I'll try your solution after Taff's - no offence!

  Taff™ 09:28 20 Jul 2007

Fixblast is a stand alone solution and it won`t conflict. It`s worth trying just to be sure. Then try crosstrainers suggestion - I`d have recommended that too but he beat me to it.

  markdavid 17:31 20 Jul 2007

I'm now away for this weekend, so can't take your suggested steps till next week. I will report back then. I'm sure feedback on such queries helps to increase everyone's knowledge.

  markdavid 14:21 25 Jul 2007

It was a blaster virus! Since my Panda Platinum Antivirus 2007 updates daily, it must somehow have slipped through the net!
I've removed Adaware in any case since I can't see that its really necessary with Windows own Disk Clean, plus regular sweeps by CCleaner and the continually operating Panda antivirus.
Many thanks for all your help guys.

  Taff™ 06:29 26 Jul 2007

A bit worrying that your antivirus software didn`t get it - did you do a scan using Panda?

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