Adaware se keeps freezing

  mpez 16:20 28 Dec 2004

I have had adaware for about 6 months or so now with no problem, i keep up to date etc, just recently it stops all together on something that says local temps/word8.0. I come out of it all together only by using the task manager because it will not close off or anything. Should I uninstall it a reinstall again? Any help would be appreciated. I also have spybot SD, spywareblaster, A2, registry medic and sypware doctor all working fine, but i would like my adaware back.

many thanks

  Halmer 16:40 28 Dec 2004

before giving in.

I had a similar problem but left it for an hour or so and it did the business eventually.

Has worked fine since.

  mpez 16:45 28 Dec 2004

thanks for your resposnse halmer, i leave it for about 20 mins or so then i get a bit impatient, but i will leave it next time i do it.


  Halmer 16:54 28 Dec 2004

message in Task Manager.

Ignore this and give it chance.

  VoG II 16:56 28 Dec 2004

This was an issue with one of the builds (1.03 or 1.04 I think).

You could make sure that you have the latest (1.05) - use the "i" toolbar button, top right, to find out. The latest version is available from click here

  mpez 17:06 28 Dec 2004

thanks halmer i wll give it ago first. Vog i have the 1.03 version if i download the 1.05 version would i have to unistall my version first or just install it as usual?


  VoG II 17:08 28 Dec 2004

Best to uninstall 1.03 first.

  VoG II 17:09 28 Dec 2004

Or, come to think of it, I think that the new version will detect the old version and uninstall it.

  mpez 17:16 28 Dec 2004

thanks vog, will give it ago later, have to go for now cos kids are pestering me to get off as usual,lol.

many thanks again

  Strawballs 22:03 28 Dec 2004

Many thanks VOG have been having the same problem.

  mpez 12:07 29 Dec 2004

hi again, downloaded 1.05 version , ran it and found about 190 objects, selected all, next and still nothing happened, would not close off again. Had a look in settings , i think they are ok, but not sure. My spyware doctor keeps findng NewDot and cannot remove one file, so i just dont know what to do next. I would like to run adaware in safe mode, but am not sure how to do it .any help would be great, thanks.

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