adaware with or without anti virus

  bpzoom 21:14 28 Aug 2012

I have W7 and use Microsoft Essentials anti virus. On the basis that two anti virus programmes should not be run, some time ago I dropped Adaware because all versions seem to include anti virus. My hotmail account has now been compromised by a Viagra advert sent to all my contact list. I have run Microsoft Essentials full scan which found nothing. I ran Anti Malwarebytes scan, again nothing found. Looking at an earlier thread about a similar hotamil problem, I have changed my hotmail password. Is there not any longer any version of Adaware which does not include an anti virus? I have no idea if this Viagra bug will hit again. Any ideas what else I can try please?

  northumbria61 22:53 28 Aug 2012

Why not try Malwarebytes and Superantispyware - both can be downloaded from CNet and are FREE;1

enter link description here

  bpzoom 23:58 28 Aug 2012

Thanks.I already have Malwarebytes and it found nothing. I downloaded Superantispyware as you suggested and ran it. Not surprised to find it found 300 tracking elements and they are now deleted. I will run it regularly in future. I have just run CC Cleaner as well, so I suppose that is about the limit I can try. If it re-occurs in Hotmail a friend said it might be pointless deleting the Hotmail account and starting a new one because the bug may be lying in the system anyway.

  Woolwell 15:51 29 Aug 2012

I doubt that you have a bug. More likely that your hotmail account was hacked online. This seems to happen with depressing frequency and is then used by spammers. Alternatively they have spoofed your hotmail account address and sent it to contacts. Did they send to all contacts or just one or two?

  john bunyan 15:54 29 Aug 2012

You may care to try DNT+ . It is quite effective in blocking tracking. See DNT+

  bpzoom 20:38 31 Aug 2012

Thank you. They appear to have sent it to all contacts. For the past two days it has hone quiet on the Hotmail account. I have repeated a full virus scan on Microsoft Essentials and also Malwarebytes again. Nothing was revealed.

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